Wanna know more about any of the important characters to show up? Here is a brief overview of everybody, but you can find out more at the official wiki.

Ex Dynamis Chaos

The Metal – Leader of the “Professional Freelancers” and an all around insane guy, The Metal has a rhythm all of his own. While everyone else is busy trying to play Game A, he’s the kind of guy caught up winning Game B. Despite his small size, he is definitely the big gun of the group.

Sentri Sable – The most sensible guy in the “Professional Freelancers.” Sentri is one of The Metal’s longest held friends his most trusted ally. He often tries to be the voice of reason in the room when on missions but knows it won’t amount to anything. He is often used as bait.

The Kidd – The Metal’s younger brother. He’s just about as odd as his older brother and doesn’t seem to care much about anything. He seems to hop along just to argue with The Metal as well as perform tasks his brother can’t do because he left them hanging again. He really likes the color green.

Kavikaru Tamaduya – Longtime friend of most of the “Professional Freelancer”, Kavi can usually only be found only when you aren’t looking for him. He is often a test subject for various new inventions from Pitaya Labs, but instead of running through the experiments Kavi just uses them to do what he was going to do anyway.

 Purrcilla Nekomimi – Purrcy is a Nekomimi, or as you could guess without translation: a catgirl. She works for the black market company “Neko Meet-yo Needs Delivery Service” as the DFW representative and has also dated The Metal in the past. She’s still a bit hung up on him, but understandably because with her appearance it’s hard to find guys that see her as a girl first and aren’t into her because of the cat stuff.

Buck – One of The Metal’s closest friends and holder of the official position of “meat shield.” He’s been MIA for a while, but now that he’s back in town The Metal is up to his usual antics of dragging him around everywhere and forcing him to undertake dangerous jobs with him. Even when really doesn’t need the help, he just gets a kick out of Buck’s reactions to everything bad that happens.

Duggernaut – another friend of The Metal and an affiliate of Pitaya Labs. He really doesn’t like working at the Lab because it is a lot of work, it’s hazardous to his health, and Pitaya has a tendency to frustrate him to no end. The only reason he stick around is because making new friends is a pain and he gets to keep a lot of the gadgets unsuitable for sale.

A Hymn of Valor

  Valor – An elementary school student with extreme superhuman abilities. No one out of the DFW area seems to know about him and he’s otherwise disappeared from history. Most people tend to genuinely like the kid, which is good since he makes a lot of mistakes being only 9.

James Warren – Though he seems to just be the leader of a black market mercenary gang, Jim has a more interesting past than that leads on. He first encounters Valor after robbing top secret information stores in the Chase Tower in Dallas, TX.