Lord Deathlock

Real Name: Daemon Sucrid Ammose Terich
Race: Nephilim
Age: Unknown
Height: 320 cm
Weight: 752 kg
Occupation: Emporer [former]; Adventurer
Affiliation: The Dreadnought Armada [former]
Attack Potency: Unknown

“I’ll be the first to admit that existence would be much better off without me in it, but I’ll be damned if I’m ready to leave just quite yet.”

Many generations ago, longer back than many can even remember, a group of refugee humans landed on a strange planet that they would eventually come to call Mirra’. Taking the helm from his father before him, Captain Ruckford Terzich made the decision to disassemble their colony ship to construct a new permanent home on the planet. Life was rough on Mirra’, but they managed to prosper by intermingling with other populations that have come to call the planet home. Turns out they weren’t the only refugees there. As time passed, their nation, Muron, grew into the largest trading block on the planet under Ruckford’s son, Jethro Terzich. Jethro, who to many was practically their king, married a lone refugee with no nation named Fhret’hinda with whom he expected to never bear a child. Unbeknownst to Jethro, his wife was not actually an alien named Fhret’hinda but a Fallen Seraphim named A’rhia. Thanks to the unseen aid of her aunt Helel, the two were able to conceive a son who they named Daemon.

Society changed a lot during the early years of Daemon’s life and a kingdom did finally form around Muron, but his father was never crowned king due to the biological complexities of his family raising a fear of dark magics at work. Daemon grew resentful of this, himself feeling he was denied some sort of birthright by his father’s rejection. In time, his father passed away and society grew older while he and his mother seemed stagnant in time. Not only did he soon grow older than any man around him, but he was larger and stronger than anyone else as well. It was around his one hundred and fiftieth birthday that his mother came clean and revealed her true self. She referred to herself as an “Arch Demon” because the term angel no longer suited the Fallen, though Demon-kind was definitely beneath them. Initially, Daemon rejected this half of his blood and said goodbye to his deceitful mother for the last time in either of their lives.

While resentful to the governing bodies of his home, Daemon still wanted to be the king his fellow man needed the only way he could and became sellsword that would solve commoner’s problems for as little as a meal or a roof over his head for the night. At his freakish size, this didn’t get him far. Daemon was often lucky to find someone willing to give him the time a day more than once a year for the longest time. Eventually, he made friends with a Seraphim named Gabi who he often accompanied on adventures, which was enough to get him through many millennia despite how long apart these encounters were. He even successfully defended the planet from the Animogius Terror with almost no recognition. And then it eventually happened: the opportunity to finally act like the king he always wanted to be.

During a period of constant war between every nation on the planet, Daemon was approached by a young princess named Eneira Raza Sheriese of Shiden to help her find the source of all this strife that she was positive had a supernatural source. The two of them, along with Gabi and a Herminian Gladiator named Kastre, confronted a dark force festering beneath the surface of the planet. With the world recovering, Deamon returns to rebuild the now lost kingdom of Muron and was crowned King along with his new wife, Eneira Terzich. Everything was peaceful for a while. The kingdom slowly grew into an empire. At first through commerce and mutual gain, but then some territories were taken in defense as other nations grew at odds with them and attacked. Then one day it all started getting out of hand and Daemon almost seemed to be a different person. He started taking territories preemptively and aggressively with his new fleet called the Dreadnought Armada and began referring to himself as Lord Deathlock. Disavowing this mode of operation, his wife enlisted Gabi and Kastre to confront him in an attempt to knock some sense into him, but the encounter resulted in Gabi retreating back to Eden for recovery and the other two deceased.

Although he covered up their deaths in a way that fooled the majority of their kingdom, his youngest child Sutel was not in that camp. He ran away, found a group of powerful and talented friends, and engaged in rebellion against Daemon’s empire. Having to kill many of his own siblings who remained loyal to their father and defeating Daemon himself, Sutel was ultimately successful. At this point, Daemon is pronounced dead and the world moves on without him.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex

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