Yoko Keisura

Real Name: Yoko Riknia (by marriage); Yoko Keisura (maiden)
Race: Yuzeima
Age: 30 years [Earth Standards]
Height: 190.5 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Occupation: Stewardess; Pilot [formerly]; Adventurer [formerly]
Affiliation: Grand Fortna Aerolines; the Great Rebellion [formerly]
Attack Potency: Unknown

“My name? My name is… uh… Yoko. Yoko… Kay… shu… rah? Yeah, that’s it. Yoko Keisura.”

Yoko is the separated wife of Sutel Riknia and mother of Anna, Na, Mak, and DeciaZ. She is a Yuzeima born in Kalhard that met her husband during the Great Rebellion when he needed a pilot. She joined his squad and eventually help overthrow Lord Deathlock and the Dreadnought Armada. After they settled down, opened a ranch, had four kids, and then split up after DeciaZ was born. They are still legally married though, as they never went through any divorce procedure. Neither had plans of meeting anyone else since only they could relate to the things they’ve been through.

She is a mostly-kind woman, always looking out for those weaker than her, but Yoko is very quick to anger doesn’t forgive easily. It doesn’t help that she has a drinking problem. The difference between sober Yoko and drunk Yoko is almost night and day. When sober, she is sweet, modest, and uplifting. When drunk, on the other hand, she is crass, flirtatious, and often just mean. This sort of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde syndrome also affects how she uses her abilities.

Yoko’s children know absolutely nothing about her life prior to meeting their father. Even the details from the Rebellion are cherry-picked with what their parents think is suitable for them to know. After the war, it was actually her idea to open the Sacred Talon Ranch. They named it after a friend of theirs that isn’t around anymore. Then a few years went by and she realized that she didn’t like the life they built. Their similar and shared experiences are what brought them together but it wasn’t enough to keep them that way. So Yoko took the newborn DeciaZ and left to a beach just south of her homeland.

She began using her old last name again and moved in with her twin sister Suru. The two got jobs at the Grand Fortna Aerolines Corporation as a pilot and stewardess respectively. Yoko is a great airship pilot but a reckless one fitted more for war than a commercial flight. She was eventually fired from that position but was allowed to stay on as a stewardess like her sister. It is a living and she couldn’t say no to the sky. Plus, she and her sister can pull identical twin-related pranks on customers when they get the same flights.

Yoko is a very competent mage who has taught her daughter Anna and her son DeciaZ many different techniques. She primarily uses a branch known as Arcane Magic, but she is familiar with Martial Magic, Clinical Magic, Geomancy, Calling, Temporal Magic, and various individual spells of other branches. When sober, she prefers to focus on healing and supportive casting even in the heat of combat. Get a little liquor in her and suddenly she starts slinging out explosions like no one’s business. She’s not even allowed back in any area under Herminian control after leveling a historical city in a drunken rage, earning her the nickname of the Nuclear Witch.

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