Type: Demon
Breed: Harpy
Sex: Female Only
State: Madness
Habitat: Realm of Madness; Anywhere males sleep
Height: 175~195cm
Weight: 82~105kg
Attack Potency: 7,500J

Often associated with the natural phenomenon of sleep paralysis, this sex demon preys on men who are stuck in the state between sleep and wake still lacking the ability to move. The succubus must feed on the man to be able to transubstantiate back into an ethereal form to travel between the realms safely away from their own predators and/or the loved one of their meal seeking vengeance.

Succubi aren’t particularly strong as far as demons go, even being the weakest foot soldiers for the Prince of Lust, Asmodeus. While easily powerful enough to kill a human in hand-to-hand combat, they could be taken down by multiple men or maybe even a single armed man. They would probably also be killed in a bear encounter. Having this fragility, they have adapted purely as an ambush predator. The draw back is that corporealizing takes so much energy that they can’t reverse the process if they fail to feed.

Succubi are often seen as an entry level task for many hunters to see if they are ready to handle the job of exterminating dangerous fiends. In that same manner, The Metal once took a job to kill a succubus purely to see if he had become strong enough to take one out with his bare hands. He did. It is estimated that there are currently fourteen quintillion succubi in the universe, so you have plenty to hunt if you can lure them out.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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