Savage’s only outfit

Real Name: Unknown
Race: Anomaly (Unknown Origin)
Age: Unknown
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 125 kg
Occupation: Warmonger
Affiliation: Unknown
Attack Potency: Unknown

“No one is innocent and all will suffer. When I return to my home my vengeance will last an eon.”

Years ago, after a dispute between several Anomalies took place, the loser amongst them was banished to a remote part of the universe in a realm not of his own. He was but a child back then, powerful as he was, and had his entropic history of his path from location to his exile separated from by his more skilled foe. So in all the time, Savage has been lost and searching to return home to seek his revenge on the people that did this to him.

Though he knows the name of his home, no one he has met can tell him how to get there because it is under class-1 protections and only those within the same galaxy even know where it is. He has a very short temper and has ravaged planets with genocide because they failed to answer him. He’s been through all nine living realms, hopping back and forth through subspaces as he routes, and has still yet to find his way back. His warpath has made him an enemy to many that considers themselves gods and gained him quite the mark on his head.

Savage is very brutal. Even more so than he needs to be. He could easily destroy whichever planet that fails to meet his expectations, but instead he sadistically torments them for a month or so before putting them out of their misery. Sometimes he leaves worlds on entirely on fire in a why that it couldn’t be extinguished by anyone less powerful than him. Very few places have been spared thanks to other higher being fending him off, but it is always through force because he refuses to be reasoned with. He won’t even work with others for his own success. It is his way or nothing.

Like all Anomalies, Savage’s abilities work through Existenscience. This means he operates on a fundamental level of the universe. If he was severed from his pathing history he could have tapped into the Entropic Field to find his way back. He uses the father code to fly through the system at speeds faster than physical objects can travel without time dilation since there is no effective increase in relativity. He can move celestial objects through sheer might and will alone. And even pass through a star without taking damage from its heat, plasmic eruptions, or gravity. He can even create small handheld stars of his own to throw at things. He’s a complete monster of a man.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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