Trista Shiphra

Trista’s casual dress; age 9

Real Name: Princess Trista Liron Shiphra
Race: Human?
Age: 9 (same age as Na)
Height: 133 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Occupation: Royalty
Affiliation: The Crown of Nebbana
Attack Potency: Unknown

“Woah, can I learn that?”

As the eldest daughter to the King of Nebbana, Trista is set to someday be the queen. She is not a fan of this idea in the slightest. If it were up to her, Trista would spend much of her time reading the books in the Royal Library and getting better at her hobbies, such as painting and spellcraft. She has on thought about finding ways of passing the crown on to her younger sister, Arina, but the monarchy doesn’t have absolute power in their land and the courts are sticklers for tradition. Not that it may even may depending on whether she and her sister end up surviving being kidnapped by a dragon. She’s currently stuck in state of perpetual anxiety, but who could blame her.

Trista is timid, but she is already very skilled in many complicated magics at such a young age. Most of which are for utility purposes; restoration, evocation, illusion, manipulation. She isn’t quite fond of the idea of hurting other creatures if she can avoid it. Despite that, she does have some fencing and military strategy education under her belt due to the expected requirements of being head of state someday. Though, aside from adults who are going easy on her for learning purposes, the only serious sparring partner she has is her younger sister and that means her ability in melee combat could easily be overestimated.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex

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