Anon Keisura

Anon’s service uniform; age 18

Real Name: Anon Keisura
Race: Yuzeimah? [at least half]
Age: 18
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Occupation: Soldier
Affiliation: Fair Trade Union Security Forces
Attack Potency: Unknown

“I’m planning to lay waste to this entire encampment.”

Son of Suru Keisura and older cousin to the Riknia Siblings, Anon was destined for a troubled life long before he even knew it. Starting the trend in their family, his mother left his father when he was too young to remember due to his involvement in the Great Rebellion and wanting to keep her child as far away from the war front as possible. He group up in a riverside village in the mountains of Eudinin that was inhabited primarily by Ghandeimohs, rock giants incorrectly called mountain elves by the humans. When he was old enough, he signed up for the Fair Trade Union Security Forces and has been working on his military career ever since.

Since his Aunt Yoko never speaks about the family back at the ranch, the only two cousins he knows of are Anna and DeciaZ. He isn’t very close to them though. To him, his family is his unit in the military, including his commanding officer and fiancée Layette. Security Forces personnel are legally only permitted to work every other Quarter due to union regulations for personal health, unless active war breaks out, so Anon spend most of his vacation time with his crew rather than at home. He gets to drink more with them.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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