Lord Pitaya

Real Name: Unknown
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 188 cm
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: Mad Scientist
Affiliation: Pitaya Labs
Attack Potency: Unknown

“Just walk it off… That’s not covered by our insurance.”

A growing name in consumer appliances for the last few years has been a company known as Pitaya Labs, which seemingly popped up out of nowhere as if it were hiding in the underground the entire time. The man behind this fast growing enterprise is its namesake, Lord Pitaya. Unlike most entrepreneurs in his genre of production, Pitaya isn’t much of a public face. You have a better chance of running into him at a local gaming tournament than a national publicity event. More so, he is still hanging out with most of the same people he’s been rolling with for years.

While Pitaya does the vast majority of the inventing at the Lab, he doesn’t test nearly anything on himself. For that he has contract many of his long time friends, two of which are Kavi and Duggernaut. Since most of his prototypes are far too dangerous for commercial use, he lets them keep them after field testing. Overall, Pitaya has just decided that it was inefficient to have a separate personal and work life, so he rolled them both together by getting his friends to work at his lab.

It’s not publicly known exactly what Pitaya can do or how strong he may be. He regularly spars with a few members of the Lab and has participated in some tournaments before, but has yet to fight The Metal. There has been a lot of debate between their friends who would win, but the one time in the past they would have fought was in the KKoC Crew Battle Championship Grand Finals and The Metal was DQ’d for a pretty stupid reason prior to their fight and leaving Laney Lin and Pitaya to finish the tournament off. Still, being a contemporary to either of them makes him an opponent most people would be foolish to face.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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