A Chronicling of a Planet Called Mirra’

Every important character to appear on the planet called Mirra’.

Na Riknia – Tied with his twin brother Mak as the middle Riknia sibling. While the story is about all of them, Na lucked into being around the majority of important events to happen during their tale. He’s a very introspective kid, but pretty outgoing at the same time. He tends to make friends everywhere he goes.

Anna Riknia – The eldest of the Riknia siblings. She ran away from home when she was ten to become a pirate and now she the queen of the largest piracy legion on the planet. She’s pretty sadistic and does a lot of wrong, but the good she does ultimately outweighs it all.

Yoko Keisura – A competent Yuzeima [Desert Elf] pilot and mage that aided Sutel Riknia on his quest to defeat the Dreadnought Armada during the Great Rebellion. She is also the mother of all four Riknia siblings. She is retired from the adventuring life and spends her time as a commercial airship stewardess alongside her twin sister Suru.

Rascal – An Ancaima [Dark Elf] and the adopted older brother of the Riknia’s. He’s too busy rebuilding and running the family ranch for the story to be about him, but he still pops up from time to time. He probably drinks too much for his age, but 16 for him is more like 25 for humans.

Trigger – An Ishpah Na met on his way to Jagan’s home. He is very anxious and suffers from a nasty stutter, but he is a genius among his race. He is adept in both magic and engineering, the former of which he is teaching to Na.

Tala Volkov – A villainous Yuzeima [Desert Elf] that rules over all of his race from his fortress in Volkovic, Kalhard. He has one of the highest bounties on his head out of everyone on the planet for his numerous war crimes and killing five grand marshals. It’s probably best to steer clear of him.