The Fury

The Fury’s favorite outfit

Real Name: Layliana daughter of Maschtiff
Race: Anomaly (Vikeran)
Age: 24 years [Earth standard]
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Occupation: Wanderer
Affiliation: None
Attack Potency: Unknown

“Ugh, I loathe modesty. Comes off as so fake.”

The Vikeran people on the planet Altiirah are peculiar because they managed to evolve into sapient being without emotional expression through the common means of vocal tones, facial expressions, or body motions. They can come off as cold, monotone creatures, but they actually wear their emotions on their sleeves… literally. Their skin, hair, and eyes change colors with their emotional state much like a mood ring. And judging by Layliana’s the fact that Layliana almost always looks like she is on fie, you can probably guess how she got her title.

Her species has invested much worship into a God of theirs whom the named their planet after, called Altiirey, and have become extremely modest in the practice. They cover nearly everything but their faces in robes and other garments, but they’ve invented a fabric that changes colors with their body so this doesn’t hamper communication. Being an Anomaly, Layliana never understood why everyone in her world operates the way they do and has been a pariah due to her actions. She makes her own more revealing outfits, she communicates with tonal expressions and body language common to races of other worlds, and has a way of charming people into bed who otherwise show the utmost restraint.

Her power kept growing like all Anomalies, but the planet’s government didn’t bother her because she didn’t do much but fly about, occasionally take her wrath out on a mountains side, and sleep around. Then she managed to snare the wrong person into bed: the Prime Minister’s wife. He was petty and declared war on this comparative god. Layliana was winning handily, but eventually found the war boring and grew tired of these repressed people anyway. She flew off and wandered the universe as a drifter looking for a good time.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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