Yousef Rafiq

Real Name: Yousef Rafiq
Race: Human
Age: 13 years
Height: 157.5 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Occupation: Student
Affiliation: none
Attack Potency: 102 J

“Is this a prank? Cause this all seems like a very elaborate prank.”

Yousef is a young boy whose family was struggling in the Kashmir region until he fell into a cave and stumbled upon an ancient flask containing Djinni. After creating a big mess with his first two wishes, Yousef used his final allotted wish to get his family safely to the United States, which caught Djinni off-guard. Normally people wish to make it as if the wishes never happened, but Yousef chose to move forward instead. This intrigued Djinni and she decided to stick around for a while longer fulling more of the boy’s desires.

Yousef is mostly a normal kid that doesn’t like school but feels that continuing his attendance is the right thing to do despite being able to wish for whatever he wants from life. He is wise for his age, but not exceptionally smart. He comes off as a bit cynical at times, but he is actually extremely optimistic about life and other people. He just doesn’t want to let that come off to others. Much of his attitude comes from being the youngest of seven children. His eldest three siblings are already grown and out of the house, but the closer three still live with him and their parents.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex

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