A Hymn of Valor

Every important character from A Hymn of Valor. Warning: these pages include information from both the novelized and comic versions. If you are only reading the comic, beware of spoilers. If you weren’t aware, the novelized versions of A Hymn of Valor can be located as the Interludes within Ex Dynamis Chaos, just as it serves the same purpose in the webcomic.

  Valor – An elementary school student with extreme superhuman abilities. No one out of the DFW area seems to know about him and he’s otherwise disappeared from history. Most people tend to genuinely like the kid, which is good since he makes a lot of mistakes being only 9.

Mack, the Shape-shifting Demon – A “friend” of Valor’s that showed up one day to cause trouble in the area. He seems to have the exact same power and abilities as Valor but is far more capable with them.

Luna, the Girl of Mystery – A young girl who started patrolling the streets at night while Valor slept. She is another person like Valor and Mack, though she has very little grasp on her powers. She doesn’t like bullies and wants to knock them down a peg.

James Warren – Though he seems to just be the leader of a black market mercenary gang, Jim has a more interesting past than that leads on. He first encounters Valor after robbing top-secret information stores in the Chase Tower in Dallas, TX.