Tala Volkov

Tala’s travel armor; age 30

Real Name: Volkov’lui ju Tala
Race: Yuzeima [Vanir]
Age: 30
Height: 195.6 cm
Weight: 113.4 kg
Occupation: Czar of Kalhard
Affiliation: The Volkovic
Attack Potency: 8.5 x 10^15 J [rumored]

“Now I get to pay you back for what happened at the Selmii’hetriama.”

In the Yuzeima species it is a rarity of fifty to one that men are born. Due to this, all men in a single commune will always be in the direct lineage to take over that commune. Strangely though, Volkov’lui ju Ularo, Czar of Kalhard, went forty-five years without having a son. This worried everyone greatly that no heir would be born to take over and another tribe would seize control of the Volkovic for the first time in its history. Then, a miracle beyond reason occurred where his chosen matriarch, the closest thing he’d have to a wife, birthed the oddest set of triplets: two identical daughters and a fraternal son.

The blessing may have been more of a curse though. Since his childhood, Tala has been a devious and malevolent tyrant. For several generations before him, the Yuzeima had ended their raids and traded peacefully with the other races on Mirra’. Without seeking his father’s permission, Tala began raiding nearby territories with small parties. His ruthlessness gained favor with the majority of his people, so when he finally killed his elderly father to take over no one protested except his twin sisters. They left that same day and no one has heard of them since.

Tala is a sadistic psychopath that gets off on injuring other things. He’s killed countless people and even once set fire to the Ancaima settlement of the Selmii’hetriama for fun. He’s much like a cat with a wounded bird or mouse. Even if he could kill his prey easily, Tala would much rather play with it for awhile. This may be why he chooses to lead the raids himself while most other men in his species train generals so they can stay home where it is safe. And each year he gets worse than the last, likely from the frustration of being in the same cursed position as his father having yet producing a male heir at the age of thirty.

It would be wise to avoid running into Tala at all costs. He is one of the most dangerous people on the planet and has one of the highest bounties on his head from the International Bureau of Keeping the Peace set to 2222 kilos of gold. No currency exchange, just raw gold deposited or delivered to wherever you wish if you manage to take him dead or alive. Though that’s just what they put on the posters and you could probably get what ever you asked for if money was not your thing. Many of tried, though some not for the bounty, but for either glory or justice. He’s killed five Grand Marshals on separate occasions and has taken on small armies single-handed. They say he is swift enough to dodge bullets and can down a skyscraper with his bare hands, but no one really knows how powerful he may be.

Official Character Art

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