Clawdia at the finals of the King Kong of Combat

Real Name: Clawdia Nekomimi (formerly Naomi Johnson)
Race: Nekomimi
Age: 24
Height: 152.5 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Occupation: Underground Sports Commentator; Fighters Guild Ambassador
Affiliation: Neko Meet’yo Needs Media Enterprises; Fighters Guild
Attack Potency: 125,500 J


Along with Purrcy, Clawdia was one of those in the first wave of catgirls in the modern day. Her name was Naomi Johnson and she had a very boring life waiting tables for most of every day at a local sports bar in DFW. Not having much else to do, she actually became really good at analyzing the numerous programs and players that would come on the TVs. She became especially adept at calling the fights. Of course being a small woman that’s never been in a fight in her life, none of the customers would listen to her or take anything she had to say seriously no matter how often she was right. Melancholy and unwanted, Naomi made a habit of commentating to herself quietly muttering under her breath.

Then one quiet day, a strange man dressed in a dark martial arts uniform and a catgirl come strolling into the bar on a date. It wasn’t weird enough to see these two come into her section either, but the man then got up and started fiddling with the nearest TV because he wasn’t happy with the mainstream fights they had on. Something he did flipped the device over to display an underground circuit Naomi had never heard of before and she became excited. She met The Metal and Purrcy when she went to take their order, who immediately became her favorite people. For starters, because they actually engaged with her meaningfully instead of brushing her off. Not only did The Metal explain that he was the master of the Fighters Guild, but they also talked about how Purrcy ended up the way she is. And suddenly, Naomi’s melancholy faded.

Since the first wave was still being experimented with, it was easy to get Naomi into the Nekomimi program without any indentured servitude of any sort attached to it. Purrcy was lucky enough to have a name primed for a cat related pun, but Naomi really wanted one, too. They first suggested Nyaomi, but it came off as really contrived and she didn’t exactly care for it either. She did always like the name Claudia though, so she just changed the spelling and took it as her own. The Metal worked his silver tongue and convince the owner of the Neko Meet’yo Needs network of services to take her on as a commentator for their all their underground fighting programs as an ambassador for the Fighters Guild. That way he is considered her steward and it would dissuade them from abusing her in anyway while she worked there. Clawdia Nekomimi now gets to do commentary on intense fights four to five times a week and has never been happier.

Clawdia moved into Purrcy’s place, who luckily sprang for a three bedroom apartment after getting the new delivery gig and had room to take her in. The two act very much like sisters and are the closest thing to family each other have after starting their new lives. She doesn’t have as much of a problem romantically as Purrcy does. Unlike her, Clawdia doesn’t care if guys only want to get with her because she is a catgirl. To her that wasn’t just something that happened to come with the package of the new life she wanted, but actually part of the appeal. She genuinely likes being a catgirl and likes it when guys want that. The bigger issue is finding something consistent when your entire social network only exists in the underbelly of society. Not exactly a lot of reliable people down there.

Being a first wave nekomimi, Clawdia lacks a built in growth limiter and has a base level equal to Purrcy. She can sprint at least 320 km/h while carrying fifteen times their body weight for a day straight without rest. She also doesn’t really train or do anything to increase her capability, but as someone who only has to analyze the fights it isn’t necessary. She has been known to spar from time to time at Fighters Guild get-togehters, but that’s so she can understand it all better and she often loses to much weaker opponents from her lack of experience. She knows the fighters well enough to avoid most of what they want to do and what the better options would be for counter-play, yet she can’t quite figure out how to follow up on any of it herself. She’s much better at advising more experienced fighters on what they could do to improve. She can often be caught wearing Fighters Guild merch in public.

Official Character Art

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