Luna, the Girl of Mystery

Luna’s comfortable outfit

Real Name: Unknown
Race: Anomaly (Human Origin)
Age: 7? (Earth Standard)
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Occupation: Vigilante Super Hero; Elementary School Student (supposedly)
Affiliation: Unknown
Attack Potency: Unknown

“I just… hate… bullies.”

Another Anomaly that appeared around the time of Valor’s vigilance is Luna, who technically doesn’t exist. At least not in the same way most people do. She is a girl much younger than she appears that was inspired to a hero after seeing Valor in action. She noticed that Valor almost never comes out at night, so she switched around his color scheme and took on the graveyard shift in the metroplex.

At first she referred to herself as “Luna, Goddess of the Moon”, but stopped after Mack confronted her with the truth about what they are. Her personality seemed very stiff and full of a strong anger to seek out justice to fit her goddess persona. That tough personality was just a front though. She’s actually a very sweet and compassionate person that occasionally lets her hate toward bullying take hold of her and lead to her making mistakes. After the confrontation between Mack, Valor, Diaphanes, and her, Luna decides to join the more heroic of them on their quest to defend people from threats normal people can’t handle.

Not much is known about Luna and that is mostly because Valor refuses to tell anyone else what he’s gleamed about her. What he has said is that she is two years younger than he is and that she isn’t real. Or to be specific, she is just the subconscious projection of a young girl that is like Mack and him. She’s clearly not aware of her abilities or that Luna is running around outside her imagination. Valor fears that at anytime something could happen to break the projection and Luna may not come back.

Luna is still very powerful, but she lags behind Valor and Mack. There could be many reasons for this. It could be because she is younger than them, that she is just a construct and has less access to the source of her abilities, maybe her personality isn’t as fit for their power set as the others are, or it could be some combination of those and anything else. Regardless, she still hits like a truck. The others have progressed by the time they met Luna, but she could then do anything Valor could prior to the fight with Mack. When it comes to fighting, like Mack, she prefers constructs of her own. Luna creates weapons out of what looks like hard light; something that is normally impossible without the aid of magic or existenscience. This is merely an aesthetic preference and functions like Mack’s weapons in terms of potency and durability.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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