The Tall Man

Real Name: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Possibly 243 cm
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknwon
Attack Potency: Unknown

“Salutations, my new friend.

The Tall Man is some kind of inhuman entity from Beyond the Terror Threshold. He is a genuine monster from within the closet and tricks children into giving up their souls by giving him their names, which is the only true possession a child has until they become adults. Once he has a child, he takes them back through the threshold to his realm where they remain his forever.

Not all children fall for this boogeyman’s swindle and usually, he just leaves knowing he won’t get anything from them. But once, a boy defied him and made a wager with the monster to get his brothers back. The Tall Man allowed the boy into his realm eager for him to fail and become one of his captives as well.

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