The Renegade

Real Name: Unknown
Race: Anomaly (Unknown Origin)
Age: Unknown
Height: 167 cm
Weight: Probably between 54-68 kg?
Occupation: Prisoner
Affiliation: None
Attack Potency: Unknown

“Everything that’s happened has all been part of my game and you just played right into it.”

Imprisoned within the Realm of the Dead is a particular threat that’s been looming for many years. There lies a woman, unconscious and chained still, and her conscious projection that goes by The Renegade. She was locked away out fear of the havoc she might wreak if left to her own devices. Entire systems could have eventually been left asunder and so she slumbers… mostly. There is an active part of her that can still engage with the world on some level.

It wasn’t immediate, but shortly after her imprisonment a projection phased into existence from the bound subject. She only had access to half of her previous potential and couldn’t even physically leave her location. This didn’t dissuade her from trying though. She spent nearly all her time for years training and gathering strength until she was able to interact with the universe outside of her cell. Eventually she could get further and further from her body until there was no implicit leash anymore. Then she used her vast knowledge on the dark arts and working of the universe to send the dead back to the other realms as agents of her bidding. And then she was able to reverse engineer the process that imprints information into the form of shades to cast a shadow of herself into the other realms and talk to people directly to manipulate the world. She may be trapped, but for quite some time she has been pulling stings and move chess pieces.

When she was younger, The Renegade had a tendency to lose her cool and throw temper tantrums when she didn’t get her way. After she was confined, she became a more cool and collective as she tried to regain any control she could grasp. She was never mentally or socially the healthiest, but her confinement had broken her quite a lot. There are still a few people she cares about, but other than that everything and everyone else are just puzzle pieces to be laid out and put in place as she deems fit. Social order and even the interrelations between the people she cares about and others mean absolutely nothing to her.

Despite that, The Renegade does have a crush; another Anomaly from a different species of origin that she has great admiration for. She doesn’t know how to like someone else, not in a healthy way. Part of her engineering of fate has been pulling strings so that they can cross paths once she finally breaks free from her prison.

She isn’t very powerful at the moment thanks to her capture. Should she escape her cell, The Renegade is more than a problem without freeing her actual body. She could easily obliterate an entire tectonic plate on Earth if the mood suited her and every day her power grows. Should she manage to set her true form free, The Renegade’s potential would surge exponentially and her growth could jeopardize systems or more. Some people wonder that with the threat level she pose why she wasn’t thrown directly into Τάρταρος.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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