Mak Riknia

Mak’s work clothes; age 9

Real Name: Makell Jhenzen Haoros Tutel Anshan Kallah Riknia
Race: Multi-species [Human/Yuzeima]
Age: 9
Height: 127 cm
Weight: 34 kg
Occupation: Ranch hand [former]; Vagrant
Affiliation: Sacred Talon Ranch [former]
Attack Potency: Unknown

“Hello, brother! Let’s play a game!!!”

Mak is the third child of Sutel Riknia and the younger twin brother to Na. When mak was only five years old, he ran away from the family ranch after Na was named Sutel’s sole heir. It seemed very out of character for him. Just earlier that day he and his brother were closer than anyone could be, but the instant Sutel told them his decision it all changed like a switch was flipped. Mak challenged Na to fight for the inheritance claim and lost. For the last four years, none of them had seen any signs of Mak’s existence.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex

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