Want Ads

You can always message Mr. Terzich about contributing to the site in other ways at any time and he’ll find you something if you are a good fit, but this page contains specific job postings for projects we want to prioritize.

Top Priority!!!

The Outstanding JackRabbit #1

Feature length (~50 pages) premium comic about the origin of the Jackrabbit. Intent to crowdfund initial print-run and then PoD after. You can choose either a flat fee from the campaign, a royalty rate from profits on the book, or negotiate a combination of the two.

  • Looking for either a Cape Comic or Magical Girl style
  • Must be able to do Pencils and Inks (traditional or digital)
  • Colors optional (I will letter, but also color if needed)
  • Must be able to make a few pieces of promotional art for the campaign (upfront payment is negotiable)

Webcomic Series

A Chronicling of a Planet Called Mirra’

Long-term high-fantasy series taking place on the distant world of Mirra’. Optional choices of which story in the world history to work on. You will not have input on overall story direction, but you will have a fair amount of input on individual sequences, gags, and designs.

  • Any Fantasy illustration style will work, but I have a slight preference for Eastern over Western for this story.
  • Can either be B&W or Color, but you will be responsible for all art except for Lettering.
  • You will get a 50% cut of all later print copies sold, but you may also withhold pages behind a paywall (Patron, etc.) for up to a month for personal revenue (no splitting, just yours)