Real Name: Unknown
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 182.5 cm
Weight: 100 kg
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Affiliation: Pitaya Labs???
Attack Potency: Unknown

“Shouldn’t the police be doing something about this? Reasons like this are why I paid my taxes this year.”

Duggernaut is sort of an oddball compared to most of the groups he’s affiliated with, but looking at the individuals involved that might make him the most normal by almost any measure. He has experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, a military service record, imbibes in alcohol, and has yet to be arrested on the grounds of potential terrorism. Pretty normal.

Like Kavi, he spends most of his time testing out dangerous prototypes at Pitaya Labs. The pay is good due to how hazardous nature of the job and they get to keep anything deemed unfit for commercialization. Pitaya once constructed an exoskeleton to help in the warehouse, but no longer needed it after he became stronger than the suit. He gave it to Duggernaut, who, using the other tech he kept taking home, eventually developed it a full functioning power armor. He can’t get it to fly though. Pesky thermodynamics and all. A dedicated delivery craft would likely be more functional.

Despite the danger, Duggernaut shows up to most Fighters Guild events to support his friends. He’s a long time fan of wrestling, but even the theatrics have grown tiresome relative to the insane antics of the super-powered fighters he sees on a regular basis. Plus, since all his friends are assholes he still gets to see just as much smack talk during a fight anyway. He was going to keep participating in the tournaments himself, but The Metal failed to convince the other chairs in the guild that “power armors should totally be allowed and he is not afraid to fight anyone wearing them.”

This section was supposed to be dedicated to describing his romantic life, but, the thing is, Duggernaut can’t really talk to girls…

Duggernaut has become very reliant on his power armor and other tech; to the point that he doesn’t really train to grow stronger anymore. He pretty much only works out to keep in shape, but to him that means being able to take the acceleration force of getting hit by stronger people even with the suit protecting him. This still puts him well above most normal people on the planet, it just doesn’t seem like much compared to the freaks of nature he associates with.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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