Sandy’s favorite outfit

Real Name: Cassandra Shoshana Kurtzberg
Race: Human?
Age: Unknown
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 59.3 kg
Occupation: Band manager; Guitarist; Vocalist
Affiliation: the Pop-Rocks
Attack Potency: 2300 J

“How can you not tell that’s Alley Adolescents? We’re not related anymore.”

The younger Kurtzberg sister and brains behind the Pop-Rocks. Sandy does 100% of the management of the band and without her, it would completely fall apart. She books the shows, sells, the merch, drives the bus, runs all their social media, masters their music, and still somehow finds time to play guitar for the band. She’s a real go-getter.

Sandy is very much a procedural type person. She knows what she wants and maps out a plan to get it. She is good at a many number of things because she wanted to be good at them and spent the countless hours necessary to get there. This has led her to spend a lot of time locked up in her room alone until she feels she has mastered whatever had caught her attention that month. Unlike her sister Mitch, She doesn’t really navigate the world with her gut but with her head… until boys are involved.

Sandy has dated a lot of boys in her life. Not an absurd amount by any means, but definitely on the higher end of average. She is completely enthralled with the idea of romance and “the relationship”. The problem is that she’s yet to find someone she actually likes in regard to the long term. She’ll get infatuated with a guy, start painting a picture of how life could be, but eventually, her fantasy crashes into reality and it turns out the guy wasn’t quite who she wanted him to be. Most of them stay on good terms with her though, like their first lead guitarist Ezekiel Johnson.

While she is fairly decent at it due to a mix of natural talent and necessity, Sandy really hates fighting. Not even just physically, but verbally as well. She can’t even stand watching her sister fight. Sandy is sort of dainty and wouldn’t even take offense at being called that. However, ever since they hit it big she has had to fight a wide variety of people that won’t simply let her run away.

If you were to break down her abilities, Sandy is kind of like the bard class. She is a somewhat cable fighter that prefers to use a weapon over her fists. More often than not she makes use of her guitar as a bludgeoning weapon. She also has various special abilities that she can make use of while playing an instrument, such as a concussive reverb blast to get people off of her and a power chord she can use to amp her sister up while she continues to play it. She often forgets she can do this though since she panics anytime a fight begins.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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