Real Name: Reginleif
Race: Valkyrjar
Age: ~6.307 x 105 years [Earth standards]
Height: 172.8 cm
Weight: Prefers not to say
Occupation: Valkyr Dragoon Commander
Affiliation: Valkyr of Fólkvangr
Attack Potency: >9 x 1068 J

“Look around thief! There are no exits!”

Reginleif is the leader of the Dragoon unit within the Valkyr of Fólkvangr and one of the highest ranking officers in the entire corp. Typically, she leads cavalry counter offenses, but on occasion she is tasked with special operations such as retrieving Nerthus’ diary from Arix and Kvirja. Unlike other Valkyries, she is not under enforced restrictions and is trusted to keep herself in check. She even has the clearance as commander to adjust the restriction level of any Valkyrie beneath her rank. Despite having the ability to easily clear an entire galaxy, Reginleif has never allowed herself to do some much as even destroy a planet.

She is one of the strongest members in Asgard’s military who does not hold the title of nobility. She even once broke Þórr’s right radius in an arm wrestling match in their youth. He has since then bested her in many competitions, but their rivalry is still strong as they remain in parity to this day. Despite being with the Dragoons, who primarily wield spears and shields, Reginleif prefers to use a single zweihänder in one hand and leaving the other open grappling and unarmed attacks of opportunity. She is highly competitive, aggressive, and doesn’t like losing. She is also somewhat of a trickster and doesn’t fight fair almost ever.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex

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