Dōjinshi Policy

Here at Ex Dynamis Chaos, we believe in promoting the open creativity of anyone that happens to like our stories. Sadly though, we are trying to keep our narratives tight and consistent, so can’t accept all your favorite ideas into the canon. This is why we have this dōjinshi program we refer to as “Not Dynamis Chaos”. In this way you can basically make any story you want involving any character or aspect of the world without confusing readers as to what is or isn’t canon to the story they’ve been following. They can be “else-worlds”, branching timelines, or whatever. A dōjinshi is literally just a Japanese term for self-published work, so go to town.

Rules and Restrictions

There aren’t really any rules for what the content can consist of, but because we don’t want our readers confused about what affects the canon of Ex Dynamis Chaos we ask you to follow these procedures.

  1. This work in question is clearly labelled as either “Dōjinshi”, “Not Dynamis Chaos”, “Fan Work”, or anything else that lets the audience immediately know that this is a non-canon story.
  2. Any front covers for the story, print or not, must contain one of the two logo stamps at the bottom of this page. This will ensure to readers both that this is a non-canon story and that you have our blessing. You may still be free to use the other character and story logo stamps for anything in the interiors if you wish.
  3. Somewhere related to the work needs to link back to the home page of the website. If it is a web post, it can simply be in the description of the post. If it is in print, it can on a credits page, interior covers, back cover, or wherever it can fit best without disrupting the work. It can even be in page margins as along as it doesn’t get trimmed off.

And while there aren’t any hard restrictions on content, we do want to be able to promote your works as a way of supporting the community and there are somethings we just won’t list. You can still make whatever you want, but here are the things that prevent you from being promoted by us. (This list may increase at any time, but only because we forgot to put in something. No one will ever be retroactively unlisted because you would have passed anything added in the first place.)

  • Anything that is sexually explicit. Implied sex is fine. Sexual themes are fine. But if the actual act of sex is shown we won’t list it.
  • Uncensored nudity. Nudity can be funny, intense, vulnerable, and any number of things that aid in story telling, but if a character isn’t covering their crotch some sort of bar or pixels will. You can even still post or sell uncensored version of the work, but if there isn’t a censored version to which we can direct the audience we won’t list it.
  • Cross-oriented Shipping. We know “relation-shipping” is a popular pastime on the web and none of us, excluding The Metal, will judge you for who you create fantasy relationships around. That being said, we treat the characters here as if they are real, living individuals and won’t promote relationships that are counter to their established orientation. You wouldn’t want it happening to you. So write whatever you want, but if someone starts batting for a team they’ve never been on before we won’t list it.
  • Propaganda. Ex Dynamis Chaos is a politically neutral publication with many characters of varying viewpoints. Our goal is tell story that get people to think, not to tell them how to think. We are thrilled that you feel so passionately about a subject that you want to make a story around it, but simply put we will not promote propaganda if we can tell it is such. If you want to tackle a tough subject, a good way to tell if you are asking the reading to think as opposed to what they should think is if you included a devil’s advocate in your work. Play both sides and let the audience come to their decision. If it is blatant propaganda we won’t list it.
  • No available preview copies. Basically Malcolm Terzich needs to be able to read the content of the story before he’ll promote it. If you are planning to keep it purely premium (for sale), you can simply send him a PDF, a zip-file, or a link to a cloud-based folder containing all images. Don’t worry, it is safe with him. His contact info on the about page. You could even send him a printed copy instead if you wish, though that is entirely unnecessary. Simply, if he can’t read it to approve it, we won’t list it.


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