Real Name: Unknown
Race: Anomaly (Human Origin)
Age: 9
Height: 117 cm
Weight: 21 kg
Occupation: Vigilante Super Hero; Elementary School Student
Affiliation: Unknown
Attack Potency: 4.148 x 10^12 J

“Did I not just pull your bus to a stop!?”

From around late 1999 to around the same time in 2001, the Dallas/Fort Worth area had a fun-sized vigilante protecting it who went by the name Valor. Of course, don’t bother asking anyone who was around back then about him. Memory of him and all that occurred during that two year period seemed to vanish along with him. Still, thanks to the efforts of certain individuals and cross referencing data that had made it off world through radio signal we’ve been able to learn much about him and the lost time period.

From what we can tell, during most of his two years of activity it was very mundane. He dealt with nothing but normal human criminal, like thieves and murderers, that were easily detained when faced against his immense inhuman capability. It was only during the final stretch near the beginning of the 2001-2002 school year that things became difficult and he had to deal with other powerful beings such as himself. This may have something to do with why his run came to and end as well as no one remembering him.

When not on patrol, Valor does a very good job of playing the role of a happy-go-lucky kid. This does not reflect how he is really. Valor is the type of kid who is constantly worrying about everything. Not so much for himself mind you, but you wouldn’t either if you could walk off being nuked. No, because he can so easily see the patterns in the world he can’t stop himself from being concerned with the lives of other more fragile people. When was also very melancholic prior to becoming a vigilante, but that went away even with the normal criminals due to him using his abilities for something meaningful.

Valor’s abilities are of mythical proportions and the only word given to describe them is: Existenscience. It has some meaning about functioning on a more fundamental level of reality. He seems to be impossibly strong, fast, and tough. Not only did he live through a one kiloton (TNT equivalence) explosion, but he regenerated completely as if nothing happened. Even his clothes. He can also absorb kinetic energy, as he did with both bullets and a helicopter that plummeted to the ground, but to what extent we’re unsure. The key to his abilities are said to be a thing called the Entropic Field, that he even claimed to be able to see in a manner similar to thermal imaging. In every way he is definitely an anomaly.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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