Rascal’s work clothes; age 16

Real Name: Ras’cal li Ohn
Race: Ancaima [Dark Elf]
Age: 16
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Occupation: Ranch operator
Affiliation: Sacred Talon Ranch
Attack Potency: Unknown

“I’ll still be here when you get back. As soon as you have a room again I’ll send for you. You’ll always know where home is. Now get out of here!” 

Rascal is an Ancaima and the adopted brother to the Riknia siblings. The Dark Elves of Mirra’ divide their society into several classes and Rascal was born into the servant class by virtue of his parents. There are many ways one could become a standard civilian, though joining the militia is the only reliable way. When Rascal was born his city was saved from total annihilation by Sutel Riknia. As a reward, he was gifted to the man. Due to his past, Sutel was not one for having servants and he left Rascal with his people. But three years later after his affairs were in order, he returned and took the boy offering him a better life as his son. Even as his wife gave him children of their own, Sutel never treated Rascal any less.

Being sort of a natural worker, Rascal is only happy when he has something to do. He quickly learned everything there was to do at the ranch and could basically run it by himself, but he only requires two hours of sleep and their work ends at sun down. Even though he can see perfectly fine in the dark, Sutel would get on to him for pulling extra chores at night because the property is very dangerous at night. So, Rascal picked up night shifts at the local tavern at Port Claude since the saedir makes the distance negligible.

Rascal is a pretty cheery guy. He’s not an optimist, but a realist that knows that if it was built up once it can always be rebuilt. Since he shares no blood with them, he lacks the adventurous spirit seemingly ingrained into their DNA. When Na was sent off to live with Jagan, Rascal was more than happy to spend day and night rebuilding their home and tending to the livestock. He’s just an easy going guy that way.

The human-like form everyone is used to seeing is not the original state of the Dark Elves. They actually used to be were-ape looking form that varies drastically between each of them, but they used ancient magics to blend in with the other societies as best as they can. Almost no one has studied what it takes to regain this older, more powerful form, but Rascal did so with the aid of his adoptive father and his rich library. He almost never finds it necessary to use it since he is strong enough as it is, but it may come in handy with rebuilding their massive manor.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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