Zeba’s vacation clothes

Real Name: צֶבַע (maybe?)
Race: Unknown
Age: Indefinable
Height: 152.5 cm
Weight: 45.5 kg
Occupation: Unknown; currently on holiday
Affiliation: Unknown
Attack Potency: Indefinable

“I have literally no interest in meeting my past or future self. I either was or will be there anyway.”

There are no words in any known tongue across the various realms of the universe that can adequately describe Zeba. Even her name is now quite spelled or said that way, but she conceded that is the closest you’ll ever come to getting it right. No one knows how long she’s been around, especially since she jumps back and forth a lot, but was definitely around when the system started up. She’s not from around here though. Zeba wouldn’t call herself a god, yet of all being you will ever possibly meet she might be the only one with the right to do so.

She doesn’t really do… anything. Zeba says she’s here on vacation, so all she does is bounce around taking in the sites and meeting people. She remembers everyone she’s ever met even though the number is many orders of magnitude higher than the total population that will have ever existed on the planet Earth. The real problem is that your first time meeting her and her first time meeting you may not be the same time or place.

The extent of Zeba’s power is entirely unknown, though she does have the remarkable ability to warp through time and space with ease. Anywhere or when with the amount of effort it takes you to travel from your kitchen to the dining room. She is the only known being in the known universe with the ability to intentionally travel through time in any manner other than the system’s designed flow. Not even the Archangels who predate the system can do that, with the closest being Gabriel who can travel to anywhere in the system in less than an instant but never before she left.

She likes to hide in the crowd of influential events in history and watch, so if you happen to see Zeba be sure to say hi to her.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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