Jenny Brooks

Jenny’s secondhand clothes

Real Name: Jennifer April Brooks
Race: Human
Age: 12 years
Height: 142 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Occupation: Street Urchin
Affiliation: Currently none
Attack Potency: 937 J

“You’re the coolest friend I have, Max! You’re also the only friend I have…”

Orphaned at eight when her parents died in a car accident, Jenny never clicked with foster homes and eventually found her way to the streets. She found this old building that was both condemned but too old to be torn down due to historical preservation and has squatting there ever since. Things had been depressing and rough, but the world became cheerier when Maximus entered her life. She not only finally had a friend, but he was also the coolest person she had ever seen.

Prior to meeting Max, Jenny had been in a deep depression she kept hidden when walking the streets looking food. Not that you could blame her after losing her parents and living day to day for whatever you can scrape up will do that to you. But she always wore a smile when out and about, which is exactly how she became friends with Max. He was at his lowest, after his first big fight against the League of Triumph, when a young girl with a smile took him by the hand in and invited him to stay with her in an abandoned warehouse. That was when she started wearing a smile at home, as well.

You could say that Jenny is his biggest fan. She sees Max as like a big brother she never got to have and follows all his escapades when he isn’t home. Max even managed to scrounge up enough money for a generator so she can watch any local news about he’s campaign against the LoT. He’d prefer her to stay there and watch, but there have been times that Jenny ran halfway across town to start the crowd cheering for Max when he struggles. Understanding how his Hype Factor works, Jenny thinks it is a big help to have a personal cheerleader to get things rolling despite the danger.

As far as abilities go, Jenny is a normal human being of her age. Like more young girls, she’s not too strong and could barely hurt anyone even if she threw all her weight into a punch. She quick and nimble though. Growing up as a street rat, Jenny has become fairly adept at traversing the backstreets to be able to swipe what she needed to survive. So while she isn’t very strong, she can definitely support her own body weight in quick bursts. She also has a working knowledge of every location in the city and how to get there quickly.

Official Character Art

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