Jim Warren

Real Name: James Padraig Warren
Race: Human
Age: 31 (circa 2001)
Height: 190.5 cm
Weight: 102 kg
Occupation: Leader of a mercenary outfit
Affiliation: Skyhawks – Soldiers For Hire
Attack Potency: 7,500 joules

“Really takes me back a few years when someone of his power was an everyday thing for me.”

Jim Warren is a world class mercenary who has seen more oddities than most people of his species. Years ago he was picked up by a hidden government funded agency that was assigned to clean up paranormal occurrences. After awhile he stepped on too many toes at the agency and left of his own volition having already gotten everything out of it that he wanted. He then went back to what he did best and became a soldier of fortune once again.

Having become accustomed to working with an outfit, Jim decided this time around he would lead a team of his own so he could take on jobs with a higher profit margin. He calls his unit the Skyhawks and no one knows where they operate from. So far they’ve handled all their gigs with minimal and sometimes even no casualties since the the highest paying jobs are information heists. Though all but one member of his crew are disposable to him.

When Jim left the agency his convinced another member from an adjacent unit that he grew more than friendly with to leave as well. Within a month Jim married the love of his life, Sara, and since she has been running infiltration and evacuation. Well, up until the Valor incident where after she moved to logistics and communications for her safety so they could consider starting a family.

Aside from being certifiably insane, Jim is just an above average human. Exceptional intelligence and peak athletic ability, but nothing out of the norm when it comes to his physical abilities. He does have an extraordinary knack for combat and even once took down a jötunn in a bar fight through skill and planning alone. He is wise enough to surrender when he knows he’s met his match, so if he doesn’t you should never take Jim lightly.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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