The Jewel

The Jewel’s favorite outfit

Real Name: Luosi?
Race: Human?
Age: Unknown
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 65.8 kg
Occupation: Martial Artist for Hire
Affiliation: Unknown
Attack Potency: Unknown

“We’re out of pickled prunes, Luósī. Go fetch some more. Why can’t they ever send the initiates to do this?”

Just before her tenth birthday, The Jewel found herself alone and wandering around a foreign land; China of all places. She didn’t speak a word of Mandarin at the time and managed to survive by stealing what she needed and constantly ducking the police. Eventually she found her way to the Song mountains and got caught pilfering food from monks of all people. Luckily for her, some of the monks actually understood English and after learning of her struggle gave her the option of living at the Shaolin temple as long as she participated in the training.

She learned a lot about martial arts, Buddhist principles, and how to properly care for herself. But eventually that all met its end when she got fed up with the place and left. It would be to the displeasure of the monks that took her in to learn that she then went to use the very skills they taught her to become an international jewel thief. She still visits from time to time, but she hasn’t told any of them yet.

The Jewel is a rather self-enamored, preferring the spotlight to always be on her. This isn’t a very good trait for someone whose entire profession involves sneaking around and stealing things from others, but I guess it doesn’t matter when you can fight your way out of most messes. Along with her massive ego comes a competitive nature and a desire to solve any problem her way instead of how it was intended to be done. She actually doesn’t care about any individual treasure and steals more out of the sport of it than anything else.

Maybe it came from growing up in a monastery or maybe it’s something innate to her, but romance section of The Jewel’s being seems to be missing. That’s not to say she hasn’t “loved” many people in her adult life. Since she has no desire to date or have a long term companion, The Jewel sees things like dating, sex, and everything in between more as a tool to get what she wants than anything else. While traveling, she’s slept with people just to have a place to sleep for the night and hopefully a meal or two. She’s doesn’t even really care about the gender of the person much either. Any “fun” she has is just a means to an end.

The Jewel is an expert, though maybe not master, in Qigong and the Five Animals Styles of Shaolin Kung Fu. She spent many years developing her mind and body and may even be beyond what is expected of a human. But unlike many of her peers at the temple, she was able to tap into her qi in a way few other ever do. Building up and manipulating her physical life force energy in different ways, The Jewel is able to perform feats well beyond that of most humans in general. Most specifically, she is known to be able to increase all physical attributes including her strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. The monks also suspect she might even be able to manifest her qi outside of her body based on collateral damage to structures around her, but she has yet to do this knowingly.

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