Max’s hero outfit

Real Name: Maxwell Gentry
Race: Human [Augmented]
Age: 22 years
Height: 190.5 cm
Weight: 113 kg
Occupation: Vigilante Hero; Hobo
Affiliation: Currently none; League of Triumph [former]
Attack Potency: Unknown


Max is the kind of guy where every time he thinks something is going right for him it turns out to be bad luck after all. After graduating high school, Max immediately enlisted in the infantry to serve his country. He was curious why several units were having surprise blood work done, but it all came back around when he was chosen for a secret project to create enhanced soldiers. He survived the process, possibly the only one who did, and gained ludicrous strength and durability. Turned out that the program wasn’t legit and when the authorities caught up with them Max was dishonorably discharges and released back into civilian life.

With all this power and a black record, Max found himself homeless in the Big Apple with nothing to do but try to help people. He tried the vigilante life for a bit until he was caught by the police. Being the nice guy he is, Max went in peacefully. And that’s when the League of Triumph found him. They brought him into the fold, helped him develop the persona of Maximus, and started calling him into to fight the kind of bad guys tat could level a city block. He was having a great time, the people loved him, and he grew stronger with every bout. But then he found out the truth.

Max discovered that the LoT didn’t actually call heroes to defensively fight real villains, but had been setting up fights with their own roster of hired “baddies” to keep viewers on the streams of the fights so they could keep raking in the money from advertisers, merchandise, and the cities the claim to protect. Max had always been a gentle heart with a burning sense of justice and he now had something to focus that blaze. He gave up all the money, all the fame, his nice penthouse apartment, and go back to living like a bum as he turned heel and vowed to take down the LoT and prove to everyone that they were the actual villains.

He’s far too busy and poor to have any romantic relationship in the midst of this war with the LoT, but he did make a few close friends. The closet of all is this street urchin name Jenny that’s been squatting in an abandoned warehouse and invited Max to stay with her. Jenny is about his age and he sees her sort of like the younger sister he never had. He really likes that she sees him as her role model and tries to live up to it as best as he can. She even helps keep him strong when no one else will.

Max doesn’t have much combat training outside of his when he was in basic and from watching professionally wrestling growing, the latter of which would probably have more of a negative impact on anyone’s ability to fight unless they were as tough as him to get away with it. The experiments gave Max an interesting ability the LoT called the “Hype Factor”. For currently unknown reasons, Max gets more powerful the more his ego is bolstered. As the crowd cheers his name, his strength, speed, and durability continues to increase proportionately with size of the applause. With enough hype, Max might possibly be unstoppable. Of course the lower his esteem drops, the opposite effect does occur.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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