Mitch’s favorite outfit

Real Name: Michelle Ariel Kurtzberg
Race: Human?
Age: Unknown
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Occupation: Song Writer; Pianist; Vocalist
Affiliation: the Pop-Rocks
Attack Potency: 8500 J


The elder Kurtzberg sister and frontwoman of the Pop-Rocks. Mitch writes most of the music, plays the keys, and sings lead in nearly all the songs they play. She never expected starting a garage band with her younger sister Sandy would lead to her being attacked by all the major talent in the music industry. Although, unlike her sister, Mitch may only be complaining on the outside.

Mitch is the type of person to let her gut lead her through everything, or to say another way that she feels her way through life. Because of this, she engages in tons of creative outlets, but she doesn’t really study or practice the successes of others. She spends more time just diving in and figuring things out for herself as they happen to work for her. This tends to drive Sandy insane when it comes to important things, but at least they were both forced to read music and play piano the traditional way as kids so when Mitch goes in to create she actually does know chords and motifs that work for the other musicians in their band.

Aside from the various arts, Mitch also really enjoys fighting as a creative outlet. She wouldn’t say she likes getting into fights, but throughout her life, she’s found herself in many. She’s always had a tendency to act out on top of that, which might be due to their father leaving shortly after Sandy was born. She’s never had a formal lesson, in fact, no one in her family would have permitted such a thing, but she is a natural in the fray. And upon graduating high school and hitting the mandatory minimum age of 18, Mitch became a card-carrying member of the Fighters Guild.

Being the opposite of her sister in this regard, Mitch has never had a boyfriend before. She’s never even been on a single date. She’s been asked out by tons of guys growing up and her mother has tried to set her up of several young men from their synagogue, but it never felt right to her. If anything the mere thought of dating anyone frightens her because outside of fighting them Mitch doesn’t really get other people aside from Sandy and the anxiety of messing up causes her to turtle in. She does like the idea of having a relationship at the very least, so maybe someday it’ll click for her.

Mitch has definitely become an adept combatant from how long she has been at it. She lacks form, but she is still graceful on the battlefield. It also helps that she is easily stronger, tougher, and faster than your normal human. At the age of twelve, she even began developing her own special technique she calls the “All Star Finger”, which channels incredible amounts of energy through her body that she can transfer to a target area making it unstable and exploding violently. So far she can only do this about once a day and needs to rest in between.

Official Character Art

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