Subspace Bozo

Type: Demon
Breed: Forgotten
Sex: Male?
State: Madness
Habitat: Extinct
Height: 30.5 m
Weight: 20,866 Mg
Attack Potency: 400,000J

One time The Metal and Buck encountered a group of Subspace Scrubs that merged together into a giant, vampiric, demon clown they refer to as the Subspace Bozo. It was around a hundred feet tall and far more massive than the entire cluster was combined, so a lot of its mass must have come from the residual information of all the travelers they encountered and devoured in that Subspace Highway. The top three things The Metal happens to hate are vampires, clowns, and things that try to eat him, so he sacrificed one of his favorite subspace routes by nuking the things to death and collapsing the space around it as they narrowly escaped. It was the only time thus far that specific creature has been encountered and it is now presumed extinct.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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