Beyond the Terror Threshold

Every important character to show up in Beyond the Terror Threshold, a horror fantasy in the EDK universe.

The boy – The past version of the narrator and main protagonist of the story. According to the narrator’s description, his age isn’t known, but it is safe to say he is a preteen. He doesn’t end up falling for the Tall Man’s swindle and ends up striking a deal with him to save his younger brothers.

The Tall Man – An inhuman entity that comes out of the boy’s closet and kidnaps children that are foolish enough to tell him their name. He apparently has little more power than a child in the world the narrator is used to, but he also has his own realm and not much is known beyond the threshold.

The girl – A strange girl with pigtails wearing pajamas. She wasn’t around before but seemed to know the boy. The Tall Man refers to her as a “realmless urchin”, so she might be a spirit or some other entity like the Tall Man. Either way, she appeared to be looking out for the boy.