Na Riknia

Na’s work clothes; age 9

Real Name: Nanoson Majhen Anise Tutel Sedjamos Arcana Riknia
Race: Multi-species [Human/Yuzeima]
Age: 9
Height: 127 cm
Weight: 34 kg
Occupation: Ranch hand; Adventurer
Affiliation: Sacred Talon Ranch
Attack Potency: 277,992 J

“Hellllllloooooooo, Ladies!”

Na grew up on his family ranch along with his father Sutel, adopted older brother Rascal, older sister Anna, identical twin Mak, his adopted younger brother Cole’den, and more workers over the years than he can remember. His real journey began one day when his family home caught aflame and his father was presumed dead, although it was actually not his first adventure.

Unlike many of his family members, Na has a heart of gold and often put his own life in danger to help others without ever expecting anything in return. Due to this he tends to make friends wherever he goes. He is a very naive boy, but not dumb. His father forced all of his children to study for much of the week, prioritizing it over their work on the ranch. They studied arithmetic, various languages, history, economics, and battle tactics among other things. For some reason he felt they should be prepared for just anything before they were even ten and was very hard on them in their studies.

Na is very upbeat and gleeful on the outside, but inside he is rather melancholy. Not that he doesn’t have reason to be depressed with how his family has fallen apart, though it predates much of that. It is probably related to how introspective the boy is. His melancholy has been getting weaker and it may be since he was born to be an adventurer and feels fulfillment getting to help people all the time.

Despite how young and small he may be, Na is already deceptively tough. He likely inherited his prowess from his father who was an adventurer in his own youth. Having to perform various chores involving dangerously large animals, he quickly developed to tackle the beasts. Na can run no less than twenty miles per hour and lift several hundred pound feed bags over his head. As a child, he’s probably tough enough to withstand a stick of dynamite blowing up in his face.

Official Character Art

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