On Tour with Mitch & Sandy

Every important character from the Pop-Rocks feat. Mitch and Sandy.

Mitch –  The older sister and also known as “the talent”. She is the type of person that’s just good at stuff right away and sort of feels her way through things. Despite her sister having a wider range from training, she insists Mitch leads vocal because of the soul it conveys that Sandy just can’t grasp. Mitch also has a fancy for fighting as another creative outlet.

Sandy – The younger sister and brains of the operation. While Mitch has more of the raw unfiltered talent, Sandy is the practice-makes-perfect type. This also comes with an attention to detail that comes in handy as she manages their band. Sandy also plays Rhythm Guitar and any other instrument the band may need at the time.

Laney Lin – The most famous pop star in the world and has a bone to pick with the Kurtzberg sisters. Laney has been hunting them down ever since they took her semiannual show date at her favorite location in their home city. She is the top threat to their careers and lives.