Anna Riknia

Real Name: Annacelia Maris Riknia
Race: Multi-species [Human/Yuzeima]
Age: 12
Height: 175.3 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Occupation: Pirate Queen
Affiliation: The High-seas Bane
Attack Potency: 277,992 J

“No, I only said I’d get you to shore.”

The eldest of Sutel’s offspring, Anna is a wild one. She always hated life back at the ranch and how her father made her present a certain way. She had to act lady-like, she had to wear modest clothes, she wasn’t allowed to date the adult ranch hands. Shortly after her younger brother ran away, she finally took the opportunity to split as well and started living the freest and untamed life she could fathom: piracy.

In the two year Anna has been a pirate she went from a pantry maid, to a cook, to first mate, to captain of her own ship, and eventually queen of her own fleet. She never intended to rise that high up, but no matter how far she got she realized that she was always accountable to someone else. Even now as the pirate queen she still has act in a manner that complies with others since she is accountable for an entire fleet, thus she is still not as free as she dreamed. She still gets to live mostly the way she wants, so it isn’t all bad, but she has been looking for any good excuse to leave her first mate in charge of the fleet for her absence.

Anna cares deeply about the few people she actually lets into her life, but she is not a nice person in the least. She’s actually really sadistic and sort of gets off on psychologically torturing people. Growing up, she would use her magic to force her brothers into dresses and other girly stuff and use them like living dolls. They still haven’t quite recovered from it. It can be assumed she occasionally tortures her personal crew since there are things they clam up about quickly when it comes up. Most assume much of her navy’s deep loyalty comes with the fact that many of the other captains once served in her crew and still carry a weird Stockholm Syndrome attachment to her.

She’s had more love interests than anyone knows of, but that just comes with the free lifestyle she desired so much. Even though there are no laws out on the open sea, she still keeps her age to herself since even many ruthless pirates still frown upon getting involved with those under fourteen. Especially since she became a fleet commander in such a short and looks older than she is, most people assume Anna is at least eighteen anyway. Na would probably throw a fit if he wasn’t too naive to catch on, but her mother doesn’t seem to mind at all. They even talk about her escapades sometimes since she happened to marry the first man she in her adult life and needs to live vicariously through someone.

Sharing the same genetics, being older, and living a lot more active life up to now, Anna is much stronger than her brother Na. She is incredibly acrobatic and does everything in heels because she refuses to risk fashion for function. But what is most impressive about Anna is her mastery of Arcane Magic. She’s been studying it since she was a toddler and may be one of the few serious users on the planet. Though, she is criticized on relying a bit too much on it at times. Anna also has an affinity for battle scythes and carries around one larger than her.

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