Player’s Manual

Realms and Relics

The Ex Dynamis Chaos Role Playing Game

This is the Player’s Manual to the tabletop roleplaying game for Ex Dynamis Chaos. The content of this section is roughly identical to the actual book but divided into its smaller subsections for easier online navigation. If you aren’t familiar with the manual yet, please read through Section 0. Introduction before continuing, but otherwise you can use the table of contents to navigate the material. And below that will be the credits for anyone who worked on the ruleset.

Please note that this site will only have the most up-to-date versions of the rules. If at any point later editions of the TTRPG are made, PDFs of the old version will be left available for download.

Table of Contents

0. Introduction
1. Basics
2. Character Creation
3. Heritage
4. Vocations
5. Talents
6. Equipment
7. Adventuring
8. Combat
9. Legacy
10. Spells and Abilities
11. Guilds and Factions
12. Recommended Builds.


Lead Developer
Malcolm Terzich