Agent Rivers

Caroline’s Operations Outfit

Real Name: Caroline Anne Rivers
Race: Human [Enhanced]
Age: Currently Unknown; 25 years c.2001
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 115 kg
Occupation: Special Operations
Affiliation: Paranormal Containment Agency
Attack Potency: 15,000 J

“It’s never my lucky day. Learned that a long time ago.”

Born on Friday the 13th in February of 1976, Caroline found that her entire life was filled with bad luck. in 1981, the next time her birthday fell on a Friday, her father Captain Anthony Noah Rivers died in a car accident on his way back to the base after driving into town for her birthday cake. Then 1987, her mother Delilah Jennifer Rivers fell down several flights of stairs at their new apartment building while carrying up birthday present, snapping her necking in the process. She was then in foster care from the age of eleven to eighteen when she signed up for the Air Force like her father before her, but every few years when her birthday land on a Friday again tragic things happened. Though that’s not the extent to her bad luck.

Despite her petite figure and klutzy nature, Rivers did manage to rise up in office fairly quickly through her raw aptitude and willingness to do whatever was needed of her. She was mostly stuck to desk jobs. But when the US government began trials for their very first soldier enhancement program, Caroline’s blood work showed she was a suitable subject and she was eventually chosen above everyone else on the shortlist due to her clean record. The process took six months to completely cycle through her cell structure, almost like a second puberty set on turbo, and eventually the new Caroline Rivers was born.

Aside from the physical changes of having a larger frame standing half a foot taller than before and a good amount of muscle mass to match, Caroline found herself a lot more powerful than she first expected after only seeing the changes in the mirror. The process made her physically superior to any soldier in any military branch of the US, but she wasn’t going to be used in any known branch. After a week of vacation, Caroline began her career as a member of the Paranormal Containment Agency where she spends most of her time being flown to various parts of the world and cleaning up supernatural messes before they manage to interrupt the lives of normal people.

Due to her horrible luck and being very danger prone, Rivers has always had a hard time getting past the first date. That changed at the Agency when she met Ferris Thompson. The PCA didn’t actually have any rules against dating colleagues since no one there could sustain much of a life amongst the public. Everything was classified to the highest degree. Ferris was her squad’s leader, then later the Agency’s commander, and eventually Caroline’s fiancé. Ferris didn’t even mind that she couldn’t let go of the 80’s from fashion to music. In fact, he found it charming. It was was fine while it lasted, but he passed away before they managed to tie the knot.

Caroline sits on the higher end of average intelligence and has extensive tactical training. She isn’t the most creative thinker in the world, but she’s learned enough in her field to make up for that most of the time. The procedure made her bone and muscle fibers much denser and more efficient, giving her physical stats matched only by other animals. She can lift about 2,000 kg off the ground to full reach above her head and can tow up to 9,000 kg. She can sprint at 120 km/h for ten minutes straight or sustain a 60 km/h jog for an hour before burning out. And for some reason the enhancement allows her to reach up 110 km/hr in the water, though with normal human lung capacity she is limited to doing this near the surface where she can catch her breath. She also heals much faster than any normal human, fully recovering without a scar from some bullet wounds in just a week as well as hardly aging a day since the treatment. The downside to all of this is that Caroline has an enormous daily calorie requirement and even needs to take supplements throughout the day to keep up. In fact, with her consuming around 15,000 calories a day, the government deemed it too inefficient to create more super soldiers and invested that money in better weapons research.

Official Character Art

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