Sentri Sable

Real Name: Unknown
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 185 cm
Weight: Between 70-80 kg
Occupation: Analyst/Accountant/Driver/Bait
Affiliation: Professional Freelancers
Attack Potency: 9.16 x 10 ^5 J

“I’m not dumb enough to ask how you got into my home… or how you got that chair in here… but I do want to know why you are here.”

Of the people not related to The Metal, Sentri has probably known him the longest and on the most personal level. He’ll even go as far as calling Sentri his “blood brother” for whatever that means. Having known the guy since the third grade, Sentri deals with The Metal’s shit better than most other people and sometimes even finds it entertaining when his life isn’t on the line.


Sentri is an overall collected guy with a joyful spirit… it’s just too bad The Metal has a negative effect on anyone that’s had to put up with his antics for too long. When his friend isn’t around and causing him undue grief by making everything harder than it needs to be, Sentri has a warm demeanor and gets along with most people. This might also be part of the reason he puts up with The Metal for so long. He is a very loyal friend that genuinely likes to help people. And sometimes he feels that the person who needs helps the most is the one that acts like he doesn’t need anyone’s help.


Early Life

The only thing we know about Sentri’s childhood is that he’s known The Metal and his brothers since he was in the 3rd grade. They used to hang out at the park and Sentri even made sure The Kidd and Joe the Short made it home when The Metal disappeared on them. He doesn’t even remember why he left. They continued to be friends all throughout their schooling. He also met people like Kavi and Pitaya sometime between middle school and college.

Adult Life pre-Ex Dynamis Chaos

At some point prior to the events of Ex Dynamis Chaos, Sentri became married. Then sometime later, The Metal started the Professional Freelancers and Sentri joined because it looked like his friend was in over his head and didn’t know it. He helped manage the funds and organization while The Metal kept doing things that made everything harder than it needed to be. He stuck by through the constant property destruction, the near-death scenarios, and even The Metal adopting a martial arts disciple named Laney Lin. For some reason, he still sticks around.

Ex Dynamis Chaos

Sentri had only been back in town for an hour when The Metal roped him into driving him down to Corpus Christi and serving as bait for a succubus. Surviving the event, Sentri stays in town for a while and helped The Metal pull a switcheroo on Kavi by delivering the package to Laney behind their back. Sentri stays in the background until the King Kong of combat incident at the Parks Mall at Arlington, Texas, where he was tricked into being a spectator. The next day he drives the crew over to New Mexico so they can hunt for aliens. When they get there, it turns out the aliens are the ones in trouble and Sentri helps The Metal invade a mercenary camp to save them from Jerome Gallagher.

Later, he follows The Metal to his semi-finals match against Pitaya to root for him, sort of. After the destruction of the Lab leads to a draw, he and Buck drag The Metal away kicking and screaming. Sentri thinks he finally gets some time for peace when he realizes he is on the same plane to Hong Kong and The Metal and Buck. They get hijacked and forced to help Joe the Short, who is being targeted by the Hexxhunter. After he is dealt with, Sentri disappears into the background again until The Metal’s rematch with Pitaya.

The rematch also ended catastrophically, but this time Pitaya forfeited and The Metal was, somehow, transformed into a woman. Sentri joins the crew in heading to Greece to run a job for Laney because it might lead to an avenue for changing his friend back to normal. They head down into the Labyrinth of King Minos to grab Pandora’s sack but run into Herakles down there. They eventually convince him that The Metal isn’t Hera, then Herakles helps them back out. They hand the sack to Laney and immediately Gallagher arrives to arrest the crew. Laney agrees to hold of Gallagher while the crew escapes to their next destination.



Might: Sentri has not shown off any feats of strength since the start of the journey. He is expected to at least be close to trailing the others just because he manages to survive a lot of the same situations they all find themselves in. Even his current attack potency is only measured by what his use of the Electromagnetic Psionic Pistols should be.

Vigor: He is at least resilient though. Possibly as much as the others, but at the very least tough enough not to fall behind while they are all out there. Physically, he could be the most normal out of his entire team for all we know.

Alacrity: He is also definitely faster than most humans. Maybe any normal human. If there is one area he has shown to keep up, it was when the crew was fleeing from Herakles and no one fell behind. He was also able to keep in sync with The Metal during a firefight in New Mexico, in one version of the events, without getting grazed by a bullet.

Intuition: Sentri has really good instincts and figures things out fairly quickly. He thinks in systems and handles most management, analyst, and accounting issues for the Professional Freelancers. He is very rational and makes the most sense out of the entire team. This is beneficial when it comes to normal issues, but a disadvantage in the bizarre happenings he often finds himself.

Morale: His spirits are very high overall, likely due to actually having a stable family life. He has more to live for than his comrades since he would be leaving people behind. This keeps him responsible and looking up.

Luck: Sentri’s luck is about even. He’s not particularly lucky or unlucky compared to most people. He’s pretty reliable because of this. He might actually have the best luck out of the group since everyone else’s valleys can be devastating.


Minor Martial Arts Training: Like many, Sentri did train in McDojo’s as a child, but most of his real experience comes from sparring with The Metal and others. Even now, it’s mostly from running missions. Likely the least competent fighter on the team, but no pushover all things considered.

Hammerspace: It is assumed that The Metal taught the other members of his crew to access hammerspace, although there is no direct evidence yet that Sentri has used his.

Natural Bait: No one knows why, but Sentri just makes the best bait for almost anything. It’s very helpful for the team, but awful for him.


Cell Phone: A normal cell phone that he uses to keep up with clients and the crew. Comes in handy for anything a cell phone can be used for these days.

Trackers: The Metal and crew keep little tracking nodes on them so that they can find each other using their phones. The signal becomes active again the second they leave hammerspace.

Electromagnetic Psionic Pistols: Something Pitaya and The Metal worked on together. Pistols that use the living energy of its user to fire condense, concussive, electromagnetic blasts based on the user’s own mental fortitude. They have no ammunition concerns, but do take a toll on the user with each shot. The Metal gave the Azrael and the Uriel to Sentri after the events in New Mexico.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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