Realms and Relics

Every important character from Realms and Relics.

  Arix – A treasure hunter from Earth in the Realm of Order and Chaos who seeks Elohim’s greatest treasure. He has lived at the Forge with Lytri for a long time and has a bizarre familial relationship with the Dwarf. He sometimes finds himself in various other forms because he can’t seem to take care of his regulator.

Kvjirja – Born and raised in the capital city of the planet Neevarit within the Realm of Animosity, Kvirja was a laborer who escaped her arranged wedding to go on an adventure. She found one when she ran into Arix, though it might be more than she bargained for.

Lytri – A denizen of Niðavellir, also known as a Dwarf. Lytri is an engineering genius who created the Forge, a system for opening Subspace Gates to get between any two points in the universe, and the Cross-realm Regulator, a device that syncs your Entropic code to your native realm no matter where you go.

Reginleif – One of the head Valkyr in Freyja’s forces. Since Njörðr is Freyja’s father, Reginleif and her unit were sent to deal with the thieves that took the diary from her cart. She has developed a great disliking of Arix due to this situation.

Nerthus – Also sometimes in the form of Njörðr, she is an Anomaly from the Realm of Animosity that is worshiped throughout as a god. She was in possession of the Flower of Vanaheimr as a means of fixing her issue with not being able to retain her form when hopping between realms.

Freyja – Queen of Fólkvangr, chief of the Valkyr, and daughter of Njörðr/Nerthus. She was completely unaware that her father had used her Valkyries to pursue Arix during the events of the Flower of Vanaheimr and became rather perturbed when they were being punished for failing a mission that was never approved of in the first place.