Mack the Shapeshifting Demon

Mack’s street duds

Real Name: Unknown
Race: Anomaly (Unknown Origin)
Age: Unknown
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Occupation: Troublemaker
Affiliation: Unknown
Attack Potency: Unknown

“Fine. If you wish to be that way, then you’ll be my plaything.”

In the year 2001 during the time as Valor’s vigilance, an equal and opposite force to him appeared who called himself Mack the Shapeshifting Demon. Valor would go on to say that Mack wasn’t actually demon, but an Anomaly just like himself. The two seem to know each other very well and Mack outright says that playing with Valor is the reason he appeared. Of course by play he means causing havoc and Valor trying to stop it.

Mack has a rather flamboyant and aggressive personality that dominates any space he enters. This can be dangerous since, while he prefers to play with Valor, Mack is also looking for anyone he considers “fun” to play with. There can be a conflict already going on and he’ll show up to make things worse for both sides or sometimes he’ll create trouble just for laughs. He doesn’t seem evil or even bad in nature though. He may just not understand quite what is right and wrong due to his upbringing.

Unlike most people in general, Mack did not grow up in the usual eight living realms that harbor life. Instead, he grew in the Realm of the Dead, also known by many other names like Limbo, Hades, Sheol, or Helheimr. While it is technically one of the nine living realms, the inhabitants you meet there aren’t usually alive, with few exception, as the vast majority are imprints, or Shades, of the information left behind by those who were once alive. Time also functionally moves much slower there than the other realms, at a rate 1000:1 compared to the flow of time on Earth. Aside from his connection with Valor, Mak has been alone for a really long time and has had nothing better to do than train, learn from the dead, and play pranks on people in the other realms through means of sorcery and manipulation. Once he was powerful enough to move between the realms at will, his real fun could begin.

Mack’s powers and abilities are fairly equal to Valor’s and also run on Existenscience, but he has much better control of them from the time he’s had to refine them. Aside from the strength, speed, and durability his counterpart displays, Mack has an affinity for shape-shifting. He has on occasion taken the form of a damsel to lure out heroes, he slightly changes his appearance each time he appears from his hair style to attire, and most importantly he morphs his weapon to suit his needs. Mack carries around a guitar that he seems to construct from thin air. It doesn’t come from hammerspace and thus must be a part of his person. Aside from playing the guitar when he taunts people, he uses his powers to transform into any number of weapons from swords, to iron knuckles, to even machine guns. But these weapons aren’t the typical iterations of them and are as powerful and durable as the user himself; functioning mostly as an extension of himself.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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