Ta'cole the Conqueror

Real Name: Ta’cole Mueh Faroosh Ne’kal
Race: Anomaly (Chibal’an)
Age: ~5000 years (Earth standards)
Height: 195.5 cm
Weight: 98 kg
Occupation: God Emperor of Conquest
Affiliation: Chibal Empire
Attack Potency: 6.5 x 10^41 J

“Kid, I didn’t just fly two hundred and fifty quadrillion kilometers for us not to fight. I’m looking for a real challenge here!”

On a tidally locked planet in orbit of a volatile star near the center of the Milky way, there is a monkey-like species of sapiens that never managed to progress beyond the bronze age. The Chibal’an were a simple people in constant between its tribes until one day an anomaly was born amongst them.

Cole was always talented in a fight, but cared little for it outside of sports. He always figured he was normal until a day when his kingdom tried to draft him for war. He did not oblige and refused arrest, killing fifty-eight men and ripping through their armor with his bare hands. His powers grew and he became worshiped as a god. He soon united his people under a single empire he ruled for thousands of years.

Eventually, they received visitors from another world. Now with his new ruling title of Ta’cole, he greeted the aliens as guests to his palace only to be betrayed as their fleet ravaged his land. Ta’cole waited for them to leave and flew after them, unleashing his wrath upon their home-world. It was then he learned he could convert lesser beings into his own race, giving civilians the choice to join his empire as he slaughtered their world leaders and their armies. Using resources from his new world to advance his original planet. Since that unfortunate event, Ta’cole has grown bitter and expanded empire across more than half the galaxy.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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