Melody’s hero outfit

Real Name: Jin’ai Yulensia Kenn’dala ul Ray
Race: Kōngrén
Age: 14
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 78.5 kg
Occupation: Vigilante Super Hero; High School Student
Affiliation: House ul Ray
Attack Potency: Unknown

“Lonso, can you believe it!? We’re heroes! Just like Valor!”

Jin’ai and her family hail from the an inhabitable moon named Kōngqiú. They decided to take some time off and have a family vacation, mostly because Jin’ai’s birth mother had recently moved off world and left her permanently in the full custody of her father, Joso’ro ul Ray, and step-mother, Deb’ae. Since this was to help her adjust, her father let her pick the destination: Dìqiú (Earth). Ever since she was a toddler, Jin’ai was obsessed with the replays of when a child from Earth stood up to the galaxy’s bane Ta’cole the Conqueror. She must have watched the final bout at least a hundred times. When she had the chance to visit Valor’s home world, she couldn’t pass it up no matter what the restrictions are for observing that planet. Her younger half-brother Lonso wanted to see the historical cities on the planet Mandara.

The plan was to sneak into the area quietly, dress as tourists, checkout the Dallas area, take some family photos at the sites in the records, and leave without a hint that aliens had visited. As they passed the Kuiper belt, a violent explosion of entropic force damaged their ship and forced them to leave the sub-spacial relay field early. They slowed down as much as possible, but prepared for a crash landing into Mountain Creek Lake. What none of them expected was how their unique physiology would react to the local distortions to the Entropic Field and grant them super human abilities.

They became stranded in this low tech civilization that they weren’t legally allowed to interfere with. Joso’ro agreed to let them enroll in the planet’s school system since living amongst the locals would give them credits toward high reputation careers in various interstellar governments, but they weren’t allowed to use these new powers around humans. A promise the two children immediately broken behind their father’s back. As an Earthling, Jin’ai took the name Jennifer “Jenny” O’Reilly, but as a hero she goes by Melody in the same single word fashion as her idle Valor. She began living her childhood dream, though she was baffled why absolutely no one she met on Earth knew who Valor was. It was as if he never existed.

Melody is a regular flying brick. She is super strong, super tough, super fast, can defy gravity, and even fire lasers. The way her powers work is that her people believe in a force in the Universe they call the Flow, which they and all things are connected to. The Flow is actually just the Entropic Field that consists of the father code the Universe is comprised of and her species has a special bond to the field that lets them inherently tap into it. This is how their species managed to developed speech despite evolving on a planet with no atmosphere to carry the sound. Their abilities scale with their individual willpower and were basically dormant until the accident caused a surge in will among the entire family. She can even now focus her will enough to force photons to refract through the gemstones on her costume into an energy dense laser so hot that causes gas particles caught in the path to ignite into plasma, similar to lightning. Melody is still learning how to use her powers, but you still don’t want to be the bad guy she chooses to practice on.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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