DeciaZ Riknia

DeciaZ’ sailing outfit;
age 7

Real Name: Decia’Zar’Kara Noah Tako Riknia
Race: Multi-species [Human/Yuzeima]
Age: 7
Height: 119 cm
Weight: 21 kg
Occupation: Student
Affiliation: None
Attack Potency: Unknown


The youngest of the Riknia siblings, DeciaZ grew up pretty spoiled living with his mother, Yoko Keisura, and Aunt Suru in the wealthy coastal city of Geh’shah. Although he’s known Anna for a few years now, DeciaZ still hasn’t be told about the existence of the twins Nanoson and Makell. The closest sibling-like relationship he has is with his older cousin Anon Keisura, Suru’s son, who comes through town anytime he gets military leave. Which is sadly still more often than Anna sails through. Looking up to his cousin and hearing tales about how his parents fought in the rebellion, DeciaZ has convinced his mother to enroll him in a school that will set him on the path to international peace-keeping.

Simply speaking, DeciaZ is the least developed member of his family in nearly every way. It’s a result of his young age and sheltered life. He’s been to other places than home, but only in bite-sized portions. Occasionally when both sister are working and a sitter can’t be found, Yoko would take him along on flights with her for the company is rather understanding toward single mothers. The most he’s seen of these places though are the aerodrome and maybe a cafe. They never had time to tour, meaning he is the only member of his family to never go on an adventure of any sort.

Due to this lack of experience, DeciaZ is playful and naive as you would expect any child of his age to be. He is lonely, however. Much like his siblings, he is much stronger than his peers and it makes it hard for him to play fairly, or safely, and make friends. He readily attaches to anyone that gives him the time of day, which is why he had no problem opening up to Anna even though she wasn’t around for most of his life up to this point. He doesn’t even mind the stuff she does that Na and Mak consider torture because those are the only “games” anyone will play with him and she always makes sure he’s well afterward.

He’s not quite as tough as his older siblings, but his genetics still make him a freak of nature compared to most people. At the age of seven, DeciaZ is not quite as strong as your average adult male laborer, but still stronger than most teenage boys you’d meet. Not that it matters much since he has zero applicable experience in anything. He wasn’t trained to fight from a young age like those who lived under Sutel. Heck, he’s never even been in a fight because all the locals know his mother and are too scared to start anything. He’s got a lot to learn.

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