the Jackrabbit

Jacky’s Guardian Form

Real Name: Jacqueline Harper
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 175.3 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Occupation: High School Student; Guardian
Affiliation: None
Attack Potency: Unknown

“That’s it, I’ve finally lost it. Hurting people, eating plants, and seeing yourself as a hideous creature; this must be what happens when you completely snap.”

Jacky Harper was living a pretty nice life: wealthy parents, good grades, lots of trophies and awards, as well as captain of the cheer squad. She had been melancholy about it for a few years now, but Jacky wouldn’t ever complain about how good her life was. Then the accident happened. Everyone else in the cheer squad died in the wreck, but Jacky barely survived by what appeared to be sheer luck. She awoke with less wound than when she passed out and hobbled home.

The next week was fairly mundane aside from the memorials and interviews. And then things got weird. She started loosing bit of time and trancing out, her senses randomly heightening, accidentally hurting people, and losing her normally voracious appetite for meat. In the middle of a date, she began to change into an anthropomorphic bunny girl and that’s when the white rabbit arrived.

Birgir, formerly called the White Rabbit, relayed to Jacky that he found her body nearly dead on the side of the road and, since her form was willing to accept it, he temporarily gave up his powers to her to save her life. The catch is that he won’t have the ability to transfer it all back until at least six months later. Whether she wants to or not, Jacky will have to take over his duties because she’ll turn into the Jackrabbit anytime the sanctity of life is in danger.

She isn’t letting this cut into her life as much as she can control. She’s still intending to play soccer this season since the cheer squad is gone until next year. She also still plans to continue seeing her boyfriend Francis Warren. They’ve been seeing each other since they started high school and she appreciates how casual and relaxed he is despite being the son of the wealthiest business man in town. With how hectically fast paced her life has always been, she finds him to be a nice counterweight.

Jacky is intelligent and very talented, but not really in almost anyway helpful to her new responsibility. It’s not all that necessary though, as her new powers cover most gaps should she figure out how to work with them. The gifts of the rabbit grant her incredible speed the extent neither her or Birgir currently know (and he’s had his powers for a millennia), superb lower body strength, restorative self-healing, and uncanny instinct. When it comes to the instinct part, it is arguably the most important and most annoying bit. It isn’t not sudden wisdom nor will it help her feel her way through a situation, but it will keep her alive. If Jacky allows herself to relax, the spirit will make sure she keeps her footing while traveling no matter what as well as other related tasks like pathing around obstacles reacting to incoming threats. This is good for self preservation but it can sometimes be counterproductive when rescuing people and also runs counter-intuitive to Jacky’s natural hyper-analytical mindset, which drives her crazy.

Official Character Art

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