Enslaved Djinni

Real Name: Djinni, Queen of Madness
Race: Anomaly [Djinn]
Age: 10,600,000,000 years [Earth standards]
Height: 198 cm
Weight: 99 kg
Occupation: Slave to the flask
Affiliation: The Kingdom of Smokeless Fire [former]
Attack Potency: Unknown

“Three desires. That’s it. That’s all I’m obligated to.”

In the early days of the universe, an unexpected Anomaly appeared in the Realm of Madness (commonly referred to as Múspellsheimr). The strange thing was that Anomalies typically form as a divergence of an already established species, but this being seemed to appear out of the Madness itself. She named herself Djinni and quickly learned how to manipulate the Madness to her will. She was alone for a long time, maybe millions of years, so she laid claim to the entire realm taking the title of Queen of Madness.

Eventually, other “life” formed in the realm. They weren’t as complex or sophisticated as she was, but the Abominations were technically life, none the less. It had never occurred to Djinni that she didn’t need to be alone and she took this inspiration to create a race of homunculi in her image that she called the Djinn. The first were all feminine like her, but through some trial and error, she eventually created a stable bimodal species that could reproduce on their own. Within generations, she had a glorious kingdom. Though such things never last.

With one shortly after the other, two armies appeared to challenge Djinni’s claim to the realm. The first was after Helel‘s fall from grace losing the civil war over Eden and the second was Surtr’s legion of fire giants who had been exiled there by Odin. Djinni’s armies were weak. Many individuals were no more powerful than most humans. But the problem for the other two forces was Djinni herself. The other generals didn’t fight their own battles on the front lines like she did and with her there, they may not want to. The Queen of Madness would tear through legions of fallen seraphim like they were nothing and Helel would not take that sitting down.

Helel used her contacts on the inside to spread rumors across Eden that Djinni was planning to spread her domain to all realms including theirs. Taking out demons and giants would be one thing, but seeing echoes of seraphim being slain scared the Archangels. The sentence was set and the remaining Archangels that stood their posts after the war banded together and sealed Djinni away in an artifact from outside the universe, simply called “the flask”. After, the Djinn became a hunted species being placed in weaker replicas of the flask, with very few hidden communities thriving across the universe.

Not many know how the flask got away from Eden and began circulating into the hands of various individuals throughout the universe, but many know what happens should you find it in your possession. As a prisoner of the flask Djinni is compelled to fulfill the first three declared desires, within her power, of anyone who possesses it. Of course, that doesn’t mean she has to stop there. Djinni could fulfill as many additional desires as it pleases her. She isn’t just no longer compelled to fulfill desires after the first three are met. However, be careful should who declare a desire as you are dealing with a godly entity with powers based in the corruption that is Madness.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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