Staff & Contributors

Here you can find a list of the people that run this site as well as those who have actively contributed to the stories at any point in time and what they were involved in. Please do not leave any of them unsolicited messages unless their personal social media or sites ask for it. Many of them may be looking for work, but they will make it clear if they are available.


Malcolm Terzich

The big cheese in charge of this whole operation. He is the creator of Ex Dynamis Chaos and organizes just about everything. If you have an inquiry about this site, any publication, or the world of Ex Dynamis Chaos in general, you should ask him.

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  • Editor-in-chief
  • Site manager
  • Project organizer
  • Social media handler
  • Customer relations
  • Writer
  • Artist


  • This list will eventually get too long. Just assume his hand has been in just about every project in some way or form, even if it is just as the editor.

Other Contributors

People who have worked on projects on purely the creative side of things.

Dan Yell

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Rae Myss

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