Arina Shiphra

Arina’s casual dress; age 7

Real Name: Princess Arina Feray Rana Mahin Tulay Shiphra
Race: Human?
Age: 7 (same age as DeciaZ)
Height: 121 cm
Weight: 23 kg
Occupation: Royalty
Affiliation: The Crown of Nebbana
Attack Potency: Unknown

“I don’t know. What if the seasonal fashions of this place are different than ours? I have to be prepared for that. Or what if we end up going to a party? We are representatives of our nation you know. I need all my best dresses to fit the occasion!”

Arina is the youngest daughter to the king of Nebbana, which means she is very unlikely to gain the throne as long as her older sister Trista lives. Not that she cares much about that. Up to this point, Arina has enjoyed every part of being a princess… well, up until she and her sister were abducted through the a gaping hole in the hull of a moving airship by a man that might also be a dragon. It’s set back, but she can’t let that keep her down. Especially when her big sister is panicking more than enough for the both of them. Though, she is also quite anxious about this whole ordeal if she were to be honest. But sitting still doing nothing in not her mode of operation.

She’s very bright and talented, but also still just a little girl. That means there isn’t a lot of life experience backing her up. Especially when she has spent most of her time being sheltered in the castle. Still, she has been tutored privately by many scholars, including the highest magician in all the lands. While nowhere near the adept, Arina is still fairly good at basic magic and more than decent at using it for pranks and trickery.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex

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