Rudy’s favorite outfit

Real Name: Rudjinn
Race: Djinn?
Age: Uknown
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 72.6 kg
Occupation: Adventurer
Affiliation: The Ring of Fire
Attack Potency: Unknown

“Oh, you mean my weapon? I made it myself! Do you like it!?”

There aren’t a lot of Djinn left these days and most of them don’t choose to live in Múspellsheimr, let alone the giant’s capital Jötunnborg. But Rudy loves the risky life always teetering on the edge, which is also why she became an adventurer. Her parents constantly cautioned them against it, but Rudy and her twin brother Davos couldn’t resist and sneaked into the city to join a private adventuring guild called the Ring of Fire.

The guild mostly consists of giants and other folk that have never been happy about Surtr’s rule but know there isn’t much they could do about it, choosing to right wrongs whenever they can. While her brother is purely in it for the bounties and glory, Rudy is fascinated in this foreign sense of justice. She finds herself going out of her way to take low paying yet meaningful quests because helping the downtrodden makes he feel warm inside in a way that the smokeless fires of her home never had. Of course, this also often puts her right in the crosshairs of the royal army.

It doesn’t bother her that much though since Rudy is pretty weird by Djinn standards. Djinn on average aren’t necessarily bad by any stretch of the imagination, but they do tend to be decadent and self-centered. For some reason, personal comforts never appealed to her. She loves seeing new places, meeting new people, and figuring out how she can brighten the lives of everyone around her. She does have a bit of a gambling problem when it comes to her own ego though.

Rudy probably falls in love way too easy. Her passion for novelty and need to make other feel better causes her to see the best in people she’s only just met and it often gets the better of her. She’s found herself in bed with men she didn’t realize were murders, smugglers, or terrorists until she personally witnessed them in the act of their misdeeds. A few times she had been accidentally complicit in the damage. Suffice to say, she is not necessarily the best judge of character.

She is definitely stronger than your average Djinn by a good measure, but by how much is hard to tell since she is always pitted against powerful giants and the like. She more than strong enough to effortlessly wield the weapon she designed. It’s best described a large rod, taller than her, with a heavy and intricate half circle head, that might as well be more of a hammer in function, and a scythe blade sticking out of the top. She really likes her novelty. So much that it isn’t her strength that she relies on. Like many Djinn, Rudy uses Madness to manipulate the reality around her. It looks like magic, but it is something far more potent. However, she still treats it like conjurations and studies the techniques of other races in an attempt to recreate their effects with Madness. She considers herself a very powerful magician.

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