5 Years of Ex Dynamis Chaos!

Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate our 5th Anniversary! Although the actual date of the anniversary was last week (Feb. 8) by the time this post goes up, we are still excited about this sizeable collaboration and for the future of our publication. Below is a list of everyone who participated in this event, which includes a mix of newcomers, long-time readers, and friends.

There will also be a separate gallery post containing each individual image right here so that this pinned post doesn’t take up too much space on the home page for the rest of this year.

Planning a magazine

Hey, Malcolm Terzich here! For a really long time, since I was a young lad, I have wanted to make a magazine. I love magazines of different sorts and used to collect them growing up. I had a huge collection of National Geographic at one time and I still have quite the collection of Nintendo Power that I’ve been dragging from one residency to the next. I’ve collected everything from Boy’s Life, Highlights, Game Informer, to even Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine. It’s one of the reasons why when I started a site for my webcomic I didn’t just make a simple site for a webcomic. I knew I’d want to make different stories of different lengths in both comic and prose formats. I also wanted to be able to just write articles and other things about the world whenever I felt like it, which is why this site has an expanding collection of codex pages. I kind of treat this site like a magazine and archive already. So, I think I finally want to get around to making at least one issue of an EDK Magazine.

To make this possible with my current expenses, I will definitely have to crowdfund the print run (on FundMyComic). That means I need help from people like you. I plan to make it a 96-page magazine (100 counting the covers inside and out) and it will feature two full comic stories (issue length) and a pulp story complete with illustrations. In addition to the three features, there the rest of the pages will be filled with comic shorts, articles (similar to pages here on the site), gags, and other editorial pieces. Everything in the magazine will be 100% related to the expanding universe of Ex Dynamis Chaos and will be a fun way to get more stories into your hands. So the first thing you can help with is filling out this survey about your interest in purchasing the magazine and what content should be in it. The survey can be found at this address: https://forms.gle/6EGtSavkUVpqvTCo8

The second thing you can do is share this information around with everyone. The campaign won’t start until everything necessary is in order, but if we can drive support for it as early as possible the campaign will be more successful. Tell your friends, tell the public, tell anyone who loves fun stories of action, adventure, and humor. If any of your attempts to generate hype either before or during the campaign are on social media, be sure to tag Ex Dynamis Chaos and we will reshare and hop in on the fun. We also already have a wide array of fan art to include in the magazine (I’ll ask permission from the original artist before any piece is used), but you can also make new fan art or write in letters and we’ll use what we can in the printed work. Ex Dynamis Chaos has always had a community approach toward the audience and I want that to show in the magazine (including putting both of the shorts from the community contest winners in the magazine).

The Last thing you can do as an audience member, and only if you are one of those that goes above and beyond, is donate early. Regular members of the audience already know that you can donate to the site to help out at any time and we show our appreciation in various ways, like the Top 10 Donor list on the side panel (we’ll make an alphabetical list of all donors on its own page if we ever pass 10). But, artwork from talented artists isn’t cheap and we will need some help making getting started on the pages before the campaign even starts. If you want to help out and donate specifically to the magazine prior to the campaign, you will be given extra perks like receiving a special newsletter with behind-the-scenes updates and your name appearing in a special thanks section on the credits page of the magazine (in addition to the normal donor lists on the website). You will also receive a digital copy of the magazine after completion, regardless if you back the campaign (though you will need to back for a physical copy due to constraints and that is why this part is above and beyond). You only have to donate once to count, but you can donate as many times as you feel justified and only need to hit a minimum of $5 USD across donations to make the list. Like any other donation, you can use the link on the side panel.

If you are an artist that would like to be involved in some way or form, please contact me through my business email on the Staff and Contributors page or any social media where you can find me. While a lot of the artwork will be handled directly by me, we do have featured stories and other odds and ends (including a magazine cover) that need to be worked on. I am not a tickler on style, but I am looking for work that is at least decently professional. We can work out whatever is reasonable for payment depending on the size of your contribution.

Thanks for sticking with us for as long as you have and I hope to give you some more fun stories and products real soon.

Art Round-up Feb 15, 2023

You’re probably wondering, “Yo, why is there an Art Round-up this week when there was just a community event for fan-art-type things?” Well, sometimes during these events people accidentally make fun art that doesn’t fit within the parameters of the event due to not reading the rules very clearly. Instead of letting the effort go to waste, we can still do our normal Art Round-up post. This is a short joke comic by Kro MAGNON [Twitter/Newgrounds] replaying events from Ex Dynamis Chaos episode 4 – Fighting for Fall where the gang realizes they’ve been duped into attending the preliminary rounds or the King Kong of Combat.

Ex_dynamo by Kro MAGNON [Twitter/Newgrounds]

EDK 5th Anniversary Gallery

Thanks again, everyone, for helping us celebrate our 5th Anniversary! Here are the individual submissions from the big collab piece so that you can appreciate all the work the artist put into each piece. Each image redirects to its media file, so you can click on them to see them at full resolution.

Zeba by Malcolm Terzich
Regi by SkeleBum
Mitch by PorcuCatChaos
The Metal by Rebellious Pastry
Jackrabbit by Rick Piper
Maximus by EpithetSoup
Dynnamm Goon by Kro Magnon
doonamo by Kro Magnon
Lytri by Slimygoo
Mitsuo Samo by Magian
Lytri by Marjanglers